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Saudi official: Iranian regime and its proxies are behind attack on oil installation

Abdullah al-Moallemi, the Saudi permanent envoy to the United Nations
Abdullah al-Moallemi, the Saudi permanent envoy to the United Nations

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


May 16, 2019Saudi Arabia is holding the regime in Iran and its Houthi proxies as the elements behind Tuesday’s attack on two oil installations inside the country.

Abdullah al-Moallemi, the Saudi permanent envoy to the United Nations issued an official letter to the UN Security Council in this regard.

“Houthi militias attacked oil installations inside Saudi soil using seven drones,” the letter reads in part.

Al Arabiya reported that the Saudi and Emirati envoys to the UN had also previously written a joint letter to the UN Security Council and UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez explaining the sabotage attack on four oil tankers off the UAE coast.

Saudi Arabia announced on Tuesday that an attack had been launched against two of its oil installations west of Riyadh. According to Saudi officials, the attack drones were packed with explosives and were targeting two oil pump stations associated with Aramco, the Saudi state oil company. The Saudis described these attacks as acts of terrorism.

“These two oil pump stations are part of the East-West oil pipelines. These two stations were attacked by explosive packed drones. The fire resulting from the attack has been controlled and there has been minimal damage to the station,” Saudi Oil Minister Khalid al-Fahil said to the media. These two attacks have compromised the free flow of global oil and it is necessary to confront the terrorist groups, including the Iran-backed Houthi militias behind these destructive attacks.

Reuters reported citing the “Massira” TV channel affiliated to the Houthis quoting a military official saying the Houthis had launched an attack targeting “vital Saudi infrastructure”.

This is considered the second sabotage attack against oil installations in the Persian Gulf in just 3 days.

On Sunday, Arab media reported four oil tankers were sabotaged off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. U.S. investigation teams are placing the responsibility on the Iranian regime as the party behind these terrorist attacks.

Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit condemned the attacks against the Saudi oil installations by the Houthi militias backed by the Iranian regime using explosive-packed drones. He reiterated these terrorist measures are real threats against the region and the world and is dangerous for the world economy and security.

“Targeting any Arab country is actually an attack on the entire Arab security and the Arab League insists on its complete solidarity with Saudi Arabia against such threats. The Arab League also called on the global community to hold its unity and coherence by standing against such crimes,” the Arab League chief said.








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