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Italy: Supporting Iran uprising, condemning crackdown & human rights violations

Conference in Italy – Supporting the Iranian people’s uprising
Conference in Italy – Supporting the Iranian people’s uprising

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Italy, Dec. 14, 2018 - A conference was held in the Piemonte Provincial Council Hall in support of the Iranian people’s uprising and condemning the mullahs’ human rights violations.

This conference was held in cooperation with the Piemonte Provincial Human Rights Committee, the Amnesty International branch in this province, the International Human Rights Aid Association, and the Iran Freedom and Democracy Association.

The speakers at this conference expressed their support for the Iranian people’s uprising while condemning the crackdown and human rights violations seen from the mullahs’ dictatorship. They also voiced their strong backing of the ten-point plan presented by Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi for the future of Iran.


Jampie Ru Leno, Vice President of the Piedmont Provincial Human Rights Committee:

“Representing the Piemonte Provincial Human Rights Committee, I am honored to stand with you in support of the Iranian people’s uprising and the Iranian Resistance for freedom. It was a great chance and privilege for me to get acquainted with the Iranian Resistance, and through this channel get to know strong men and women that represent trust and hope for a free and democratic Iran. The time has come for us to increase our efforts in support of the Iranian people’s uprising and the people who come to the streets yearning for freedom. We must support the Iranian Resistance and Mrs. Rajavi’s ten-point plan.”


Dr. Jani Sartorio, President of International Human Rights Aid Association, condemned the ongoing human rights violations in Iran by the mullahs’ regime and said, “We must be the voice of the Iranian people who are crying for freedom in the streets today.”


Anjela Vital Negrin, head of Amnesty International’s Foreign Relations in the provinces of Piemonte and Valle D’ Aosta, referred to Amnesty International’s 2017-2018 annual report and described human rights violations in Iran, increasing executions and the regime’s inhumane behavior towards political prisoners in its dungeons.


Alevio Rustatio, deputy chair of the Piemonte Provincial Advisors Group from the Democrat Party referred to his presence in the Iranian opposition convention back in June.

“One can trust this powerful and popular alternative. They have been struggling fiercely against the dictatorship in Iran to return freedom to their people. It is our humane and political duty to support them, the goals of the Iranian Resistance and President Rajavi’s agenda.”


Tulio Monti, President of Iran Freedom and Democratic Association:

“The Iranian people’s uprising is sounding the bells of the religious dictatorship’s overthrow. Europe must end its appeasement policy as this regime is the main supporter of terrorism across the globe. Tehran’s terror plots in the past few months, with the presence of its diplomats on European soil, have been foiled one after another. The only solution is to accept the demands stated by the Iranian people on the streets and recognizing the opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and the solutions presented by Maryam Rajavi for a free and democratic Iran.”


Lordana Bifu, Italian sociologist and journalist:

“What is taking place today in Iran are signs of the end of the mullahs’ regime. The directed silence seen in the media is linked to the business relations and is an unforgivable shame. Most shameful for the world of media and freedom of expression is that the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence takes advantage of internet websites and social media networks to divert public opinion and discredit the Iranian opposition. They even publish fake news through various reporters.”


Yousef Lesani, joint head of the Free & Democratic Iran Association:

“The West’s support of the religious fascism ruling Iran in these past years has only resulted in the Iranian people becoming poorer and even more war and instability, crisis and terrorism to be exported by Iran across the Middle East. In the past months a number of terror plots in Europe and the U.S. – managed directly by the regime’s diplomat – have been foiled by secret services and the police of various countries throughout Europe.”