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Iraq’s ‘Hashd al-Shabi’ was launched by Iran’s IRGC

Hashd al-Shaabi & IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Suleimani
Hashd al-Shaabi & IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Suleimani

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Dec. 3, 2018 - Iraq’s Hashd al-Shaabi, or the Popular Mobilization Forces, was completely blueprinted and launched by the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and the Lebanese Hezbollah, according to Iranian state TV.

Recently, the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously adopted a bipartisan bill punishing and sanctioning individuals and entities affiliated to the mullahs’ regime in Iraq. This resolution includes amendments from Judge Ted Poe, Chair of the Subcommittee on Terrorism, calling for the terrorist designation of two groups in Iraq. This includes Asaeb Ahl al-Haq and Iraqi Nojaba, both associated directly to the Iranian regime.

In a ridiculous attempt to save face before IRGC and Basij members inside Iran, state TV brought Mullah Ka’bi, head of the “Iraqi Nojaba” extremist group, for an interview to claim the named mercenary groups in Iraq completely loyal to Tehran’s mullahs and the IRGC.

It is worth noting that the Iranian regime back in 2014 said the PMF in Iraq is nothing but a pseudo name for the terrorist IRGC and Quds Force, taking the Iranian regime’s IRGC Basij and the Lebanese Hezbollah as examples.


Iranian state TV – November 27, 2018

“When [Hezbollah chief] Hassan Nasrollah sent his members to Iraq, including some of his most important commanders, ordering them to carry out their tasks under the PMF flag… I must also refer to the IRGC’s role in participating in the liberation of Iraq. They helped us in the full liberation of Iraq…

“… I remember at the beginning of the U.S. occupation of Iraq that Hezbollah and Nasrollah attempted to help us in the wars back then. We had very limited relations with Hezbollah at the time. We had good relations with the IRGC, but it was limited because all the events taking place in Iraq were very fast. Following the war, clashes erupted in Najaf and afterwards, I had a meeting with Hassan Nasrollah.”

It is worth noting that Nasrollah has publicly acknowledged the fact that all Hezbollah expenses and its entire arsenal have been provided by the mullahs’ regime.


Lebanese Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrollah

“Let me be very clear and there may not be another example anywhere in the world, for someone to come and publicly, transparently and honestly say before the entire world that Hezbollah’s budget, expenses, food, weapons, and missiles are provided by the Islamic Republic of Iran. End of story. It has nothing to do with banks. As long as Iran has money, we have money,” he once said in a speech.


Mullah Tabatabaie – November 30

“Everyone should know that the IRGC Basij is so important that we have launched a similar entity in Iraq. During the war in Iraq, the U.S. war and the battles against ISIS, our leaders made suggestions that [the Iraqis] should have a similar force. This Hashd al-Shabi is the same as the IRGC Basij. The U.S. is very afraid and they have ordered the Iraqis to disband the PMF.”


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