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Iran’s state-run media warn about the potential return of PMOI/MEK to Iraq

Screenshot from Tasnim website, a news outlet run by the IRGC Quds Forces
Screenshot from Tasnim website, a news outlet run by the IRGC Quds Forces

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Jan. 12, 2019 - In tandem with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s trip to Iraq, and after U.S. President Donald Trump met with American troops in Iraq’s Ein al-Assad base on the New Year, the Iranian regime has been issuing frantic warnings.

In this regard, Tasnim News Agency, run by the IRGC Quds Force, warned that the U.S. is putting together a conspiracy, in which the MEK will have a role to play.

“One of the signs of this conspiracy can be the sudden trip of U.S. President Donald Trump to western Iraq and his meeting with American troops in Ein al-Assad air base on the occasion of the New Year. This trip was a clear insult to Iraqi authorities and Iraqi media declared that it was made without prior notice to Baghdad. Trump didn’t meet with Iraqi authorities in Baghdad and told Iraqi personalities that if they want to meet him they can come to Iraq’s al-Anbar province,” Tasnim writes.

Tasnim further analyzes the situation as such: “We must examine the news of MEK’s return to Iraq and their deployment in U.S. bases in Kurdish regions in the context of the U.S.’s plans for the future of Iraq. While withdrawing troops from Syria, the U.S. is determined to use its full capacity against [the Iranian regime]. One of its [tools] in this regard is the PMOI/MEK. The U.S. is trying to take away [the Iranian regime]’s backyard in Iraq.

“We can thus conclude that the U.S. withdrawal from Syria is the beginning of Washington’s focus on Iraq and the borders of this country. If they succeed at carrying out their plans, the Americans will be able to deprive Iran of the economic and security potential of Iraq, and it will endanger the lasting security between Iran and Iraq.”

According to Tasnim, Mohammad al-Baldawi, an Iraqi MP, had recently warned that at the same U.S. troops were leaving Syria, the MEK were returning to Iraq and are residing in the bases of American troops. “The U.S. is trying to set the region on fire after withdrawing its troops from Syria, and it has targeted the stability of the Middle East.”

According to Tasnim, Hafez al-Beshareh, an Iraqi politics expert, has declared that the U.S. has transferred dozens of MEK members to Iraq and is preparing them for attacks against the Iranian regime.

Tasnim concludes, “The question is, under the current circumstance, should we passively dismiss the U.S.’s new plans in Iraq, or should we turn them into opportunities to deliver blows to and disband the [PMOI/MEK].”

The Quds Force, the body owns and runs Tasnim, is the foreign terrorism arm of the Revolutionary Guards and runs the Iranian regime’s terrorist agendas in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and elsewhere. It is responsible for numerous terrorist attacks against PMOI/MEK as well as U.S. troops in Iraq. The Quds Force is also running and orchestrating the Iranian regime's involvement in Syria, where Tehran is shoring up the regime of Bashar al-Assad against opposition forces.

Regarding Pompeo’s eight-day foreign trip, ILNA, another state-run news agency, warned, “Pompeo has come to the region to lay a siege on Iran, and there are even discussion of reviving the Arab NATO. What will be dangerous is the political alliance between the U.S. and Arab countries against the establishment. 2019 will be a year full of tension and danger in the Middle East.”



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