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Iranian regime foreign ministry outraged at EU’s condemnation of its missile program and terrorist activities

EU headquarters
EU headquarters

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Feb. 6, 2019 - In a statement, the foreign ministry of the Iranian regime vented its outrage at the European Union’s recent condemnation of Tehran’s missile program, terrorist activities and human rights abuses. The regime’s foreign ministry claimed that the EU’s allegations, including the carrying out of terrorist plots in European countries, are baseless.

“Raising such baseless and hollow accusations while known terrorist and criminal groups are free in Europe, is not constructive at this stage and is in line with the goals of enemies who seek to undermine Iran’s relations with Europe,” the Iranian regime’s foreign ministry said, reflecting its frustration at the activities of PMOI/MEK in Europe.

The foreign ministry’s comments come a day after the EU criticized the Iranian regime for its ballistic missile tests and raised concern over the destructive role Tehran plays in the Middle East through its terrorist meddling in neighboring countries.

The EU specifically named the Iranian regime’s presence in Syria as a cause of worry. The bloc also urged the regime to abide by the recommendations of the UNSC resolution 2231, which calls on the regime to refrain from taking activities related to ballistic missiles.

In the past few years, the Iranian regime has increased its terrorist activities in European countries. In 2018 alone, European authorities foiled two terror plots against MEK members and supporters, which had been orchestrated by Tehran. In June 30, Assadollah Assadi, an Iranian regime diplomat, was arrested while he was actively involved in a bombing plot against the grand gathering of the Iranian opposition in Paris. Assadi is now being tried for his involvement in the case.

A few months earlier, Albanian authorities foiled another bombing plot against MEK members in Tirana. Albania eventually expelled the Iranian ambassador to Tirana and another senior diplomat from its country.

While Iranian officials and many of the Iranian regime’s supporters abroad have tried to lay the blame for the terror plots on rogue elements, there’s undeniable evidence that the highest authorities in the Iranian regime have been involved in the planning and ordering of attacks against opposition members. Recently, the former Iranian ambassador to Germany confessed that the evidence provided by European authorities about Tehran’s involvement in terror attacks was undeniable.

European authorities also revealed documents that proved Assadi, the Iranian diplomat involved in the failed Paris bombing plot, was directly coordinating the attack with authorities in Tehran.


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