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Yemen PM: Houthi militias seeking to smuggle fuel from Iran

Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed
Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, July 3, 2020—The Houthi militias in Yemen, by provoking the oil crisis in areas under their control, are seeking to relaunch the process of smuggling fuel from Iran, said Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed on Thursday, July 2, according to the Was website.

“The United Nations and its Special Envoy must adopt a clear position vis-à-vis the measures taken by Houthi militias linked to Iran’s regime aiming to profit over the miseries of Yemeni civilians in areas under their control. The bombings taking place in the oil reserve tanks of Sana’a and Sa’dah (two main cities in Yemen) are further crystal-clear indications of the Houthis provoking the oil crisis,” he added.

In other news covering the Iranian regime’s malign measures across the Middle East, the German representative to the UN, and the current President of the UN Security Council, emphasized the need of extending the arms embargo on the Iranian regime.

The European Union has extended the arms embargo on the Iranian regime until 2023, said Christoph Heusgen, Germany’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations. The European Union believes the Iranian regime’s does not play a constructive role in the Middle East. Currently there are severe and expansive human rights violations taking place in Iran. It is not acceptable for the Iranian regime to be acquiring weapons and entering arms deals everywhere. Therefore, it is vitally important for Germany to have the possibility of extending the arms embargo and Germany is working with its colleagues in the UN Security Council on this issue at hand to realize this objective, Heusgen added.

Ambassador Kelly Craft, U.S. Representative to the UN, also said on Thursday that her government will be presenting its resolution on extending the Iranian regime’s arms embargo to the UN Security Council this month. If this resolution is not adopted, the U.S. is ready to snapback the widespread UN sanctions against the Iranian regime, Amb. Craft emphasized, according to the Bloomberg news agency.

Amb. Craft expressed hope that the U.S.’ European allies will vote to extend these sanctions, while adding Russia and China are against this initiative, and may even veto the bill.

The United States is seeking to provide an opportunity to the UN Security Council to discuss the arms embargo extension, Amb. Craft said. However, Washington will use all its tools, and if it means to snapback the UN sanctions, that is exactly what the United States will be doing, she concluded.