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Iran: A new and unprecedented record of embezzlement unveiled

Embezzlement and larceny in Iran
Embezzlement and larceny in Iran

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, March 14, 2019 - A record of an extremely high embezzlement case is now taken into a sham court. The case was revealed during factional infighting within the Iranian regime. The 6.656 billion Euros ($7 billion) is now the subject of fighting among various factions, notably the IRGC and the Government.

A state-run TV said, with an ironic tone, "Congratulations, we finally broke Babak Zanjani's record." (Babak Zanjani was a corrupt billionaire who collaborated on embezzlement with various factions of the regime and was ultimately sentenced to death as a scapegoat during factional infighting.)

State-run ISNA (News Agency) admitted that this amount of money "is more than the official budget of dozens or maybe hundreds of government institutions."

Javan daily, associated to the IRGC wrote, "The accused received enormous amounts of money from foreign buyers. They established companies abroad with the aim of circumventing the sanctions and then transferred the money to their personal accounts.

The corrupt team is comprised of members of both factions of the regime.

One of the defendants said in his remarks in the court that this case has uncovered some of the regime's elements who were instrumental in circumventing the sanctions.

“Iran” daily that reflects the views of Rouhani's government wrote that the defendants were supposed to inject the money gained from the sales of petrochemical goods to the economy. Given the monopoly of the IRGC over the petrochemical goods, it becomes clear that the infighting is not over corruption itself. It is a fight between the government and the IRGC over the billions of dollars in benefits.

Regardless of what scenario they will choose to end it, the social impact of such a revelation of unbelievable dimensions of corruption in the regime is tremendous. Because according to the regime's own figures, 10 million Iranians are living below the line of absolute poverty, and starvation is rampant and ever growing in Iran. Therefore this only adds to the unprecedented discontent against the regime and fuels the uprisings even more.