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Massive explosion rocks northern Tehran, more blasts remain possible at the site

Major explosion at the Sina Athar Clinic in Shariati Avenue rocks northern Tehran, Iran – June 30, 2020
Major explosion at the Sina Athar Clinic in Shariati Avenue rocks northern Tehran, Iran – June 30, 2020

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, July 1, 2020—The sound of a massive explosion shook northern Tehran during the evening hours of Tuesday, June 30, leading a major black fume rising to the air. Reports indicate the incident took place in the Sina Athar Clinic located in Shariati Avenue, inflicting severe damages to a number of nearby buildings.

This explosion was located in Tajrish district of northern Tehran and regime authorities have yet to provide an initial report about the cause of the blast, according to the state-run Borna news agency.

The casualty figure of this horrific explosion has reached 19 dead, including 15 women and four men. Another 14 individuals have been reported as injured, tallying the total number of dead and injured to 33.

Emergency authorities in the Iranian regime are warning there is a possibility of more explosions at the site.

If this was truly an incident caused by, for example, old aged equipment and facilities, the mullahs’ regime must be held accountable on this matter immediately. This is especially true considering the over $800 billion this regime has through the years spent on a completely unnecessary nuclear program and continuing to pursue a secret nuclear weapons initiative to obtain the world’s most lethal weapon.

Tehran has also wasted billions of dollars, that belong to the Iranian people, on advancing their ballistic missile program as a means to expand its warmongering across the region and beyond.

And while the Sina Athar Clinic is a medical facility, if indeed it is an outdated abuilding and was not renovated to meet safety standards, why does this regime have a long history of providing billions of dollars to the murderous Assad regime in Syria, the terrorist Hezbollah group in Lebanon, proxy militia groups across Iraq, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine, and the Houthis in Yemen? Shouldn’t this money be spent for the good of the Iranian people?

And why does the mullahs’ regime spend millions if not billions of dollars for housing projects, schools, mosques and hospitals across the Middle East and even in Africa?

As long as such policies continue, the Iranian people will continue to suffer.