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Tehran's support for terrorism is obstructing international relief to the flood victims

Floods in Iran, March 2019
Floods in Iran, March 2019

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


April 4, 2019It is now more than two weeks since the devastating floods across more than two dozens of provinces in Iran have destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of the people. But there is still no sign of international relief for the victims of the floods. Many countries that are usually volunteer relief efforts in natural disasters have offered their sympathy but have not sent relief efforts to Iran.


A noticeable change of the behavior of the international community

It seems that European and American countries and also countries in the region are getting tired of the Iranian regime’s hostile policies. Even Russia and China, which are diplomatic supporters of this regime, have not steped forward to contribute any aid to the flood victims.

Iran’s diplomatic isolation is the consequence of decades of regime’s export of fundamentalism and terrorism to the region and the world. This policy has obstructed efforts to send any international humanitarian relief to the Iranian people especially when tens of thousands of people have become homeless with a grate human and financial calamity.

Statistics show that hundreds of thousands of people in north, west and southwest of the country have left their homes and livelihoods behind, with hundreds of cities and villages totally submerged in flood waters.


Compensation by a regime that has even failed to pay pensioners or workers’ salaries

Tackling this national catastrophe by this anti-human regime is Inconceivable. As the president-elect of National council of resistance of Iran, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi said, “The Iranian regime must assign all its capacity and of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, IRGC, or any other assets at its possession to the aid of the flood victims. Iran must allow international relief to reach the people, something that the regime is obstructing.”

Mrs. Rajavi also called on the Iranian nation once again, especially the youth, to form popular councils for independent relief action to bring aid to the flood victims, especially in Khuzestan, Lorestan, and Ilam. She pointed out that while the mullahs have no concern other than maintaining their shameful rule and plundering the nation’s wealth, the only way to overcome the effects of the floods is through national solidarity.







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