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Iran: Seventh day of an ongoing truckers’ nationwide strike

Kangavar truck terminal, truck drivers on strike
Kangavar truck terminal, truck drivers on strike

Reported By PMOI/MEK


Iran, September 29, 2018 - Saturday marks the seventh consecutive day truck drivers across Iran have been on strike, reaching nearly 250 cities across all of the country’s 31 provinces.


Truckers in the cities of Tabriz, Bukan, Isfahan, Zarrinshahr, Tehran, Firouzkuh, Eslamshahr, Mashhad, Shahr-e Kord, Qazvin, Sirjan, Golgohar, Rasht, Khorramabad, Borujerd, Neka, Mahallat, Bandar Abbas, Hamedan, Assad Abad, Maybad, Yazd and Ardokan were scenes of continued strikes parallel to dozens of other cities.


Iranian regime officials, authorities and elements and various cities have ridiculously and desperately resorted to issue threats and making bogus offers. However, the drivers are quite aware of this regime’s nature and deceptiveness, continuing their strike despite these devious measures.


Reports indicate authorities have arrested over 70 truck drivers in the provinces of Qazvin, Fars, Isfahan and also the town of Pakdasht, located southeast of Tehran.

Some numbers show more than 80 drivers were arrested.


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15 of the striking truck drivers were arrested on Thursday, the fifth day of truck drivers’ nationwide strike which has spread to over 220 cities across Iran, according to Ismaeel Sadeghi Niaraki, the regime’s prosecutor in Qazvin Province (northwest Iran). These drivers “blocked roads with their trucks and disrupted commuting inroads inside the province,” he claimed.


“Action has been taken against any individual who disrupts people’s lives and we will not allow people seeking their own interests to block roads and prevent general commuting, disrupting people’s lives,” he said in his threats during an interview with the state-run Mehr news agency, known to be affiliated to the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS).

“Individuals who disrupt people’s lives by blocking truck commuting in our roads and damage people’s lives will be facing firm action,” this official of the mullahs’ so-called judiciary said.


Truckers expanding the nationwide strike

The hardworking truck drivers of Iran continued their strike for the fifth consecutive day.

On Wednesday the truckers of Rafsanjan and Shahr-e Parandak (Markazi Province) also joined the massive strike spreading throughout the country.

Reports indicate people from other walks of life are also joining this ever-growing protest movement.

On Thursday, bus drivers in Dezful, southwest Iran, declared their solidarity with the truck drivers and went on strike.

On Wednesday, vehicles transferring fruits from nearby towns to the city of Zahedan, the provincial capital of Sistan & Baluchistan Province in southeast Iran, emptied their loads in the city’s Sarallah Boulevard and joined this strike.

Bus passenger companies such as Iran Peyma, Hamsafar, TBT and Royal Safar in Ahvaz, Abadan, Khorramshahr, Mahshahr, Izzeh and other cities of Khuzestan Province closed their ticket selling offices and branches in solidarity with the truck drivers’ protests.

A number of transportation companies have also closed down in solidarity with the truckers’ nationwide strike.

Truck drivers in the city of Sirjan blocked a road on drivers who loaded goods despite the strike spreading throughout the country.

In Zahedan, fruit trucks emptied their loads in the city’s Sarallah Boulevard and joined this strike. They have also announced their support for the truck drivers.

A group of shop owners in Tehran-bazaar issued a statement in support of the truck drivers’ strike.