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Iran: Truckers continuing nationwide strike on the 5th day

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Sept. 27, 2018 - Truck drives across Iran continued their nationwide strike on Thursday, the fifth consecutive day, reaching to over 200 cities in all of the country’s 31 provinces.

Bus passenger companies such as Iran Peyma, Hamsafar, TBT and Royal Safar in Ahvaz, Abadan, Khorramshahr, Mahshahr, Izzeh and other cities of Khuzestan Province closed their ticket stores and branches in solidarity with the truck drivers’ protests.

A number of transportation companies have also closed down in solidarity with the truckers’ nationwide strike.

Truck drivers in the city of Sirjan blocked a road on drivers who loaded goods despite the strike spreading throughout the country.

In Zahedan, fruit trucks emptied their loads in the city’s Sarallah Boulevard and joined this strike. They have also announced their support for the truck drivers.

A group of bazaar owners in Tehran issued a statement in support of the truck drivers’ strike.


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Truck drivers across Iran continued their nationwide strike on Tuesday, protesting low wages, skyrocketing spare parts prices and authorities refusing to provide answers to their legitimate demands.

The cities of UrmiaYazdQazvinBorazjanNeyshaburKermanshah and Dorche (of Isfahan Province) are currently witnessing more truckers joining the strike. During the past two days, drivers in 157 cities throughout all of Iran’s 31 provinces have been on strike.

On Monday, reports showed drivers refusing to accept any new loads, bringing all the load stations across the country to a standstill.



In the city of Mahabad, western Iran, drivers of mini-trucks have also joined the strike.

This strike is a continued movement witnessed in June and August of this year. Drivers of fuel tankers in various cities including TabrizKermanBandar Abbas, and Arak have joined the strike in various.



Imam Port Truck drivers continue their strike for the second consecutive day.

Imam Port Truck drivers continue their strike for the second consecutive day.


The drivers continued their strike despite regime authorities resorting to various threats and bogus pledges in an attempt to prevent them from protesting.

The Iranian regime even hired operatives to force the drivers into loading their trucks. This initiative also failed.


Drivers have even set up their own checkpoints to control the roads at nights and prevent the regime from pursuing its own conspiracies and threats.

Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi sent a message hailing the courageous truck drivers who are on strike, saying the mullahs’ regime neither intends nor seeks to respond to their demands.

These demands will only be provided for through freedom and the people’s sovereignty. Mrs. Rajavi called on all Iranians, especially the youth, to support the truck drivers on strike.

From early Sunday morning truck drivers in 112 cities across Iran launched a nationwide and coordinated strike after similar measures the day before. This protest is in response to previous calls for such pre-planned measures.





According to eyewitness reports, most of the loading stations are empty in numerous cities and the truck drivers have not shown up for new deliveries. The Amir-Kabir and Shapur-Jadidterminals in Isfahan, similar sites in Bandar AbbasKhomeini-Shahr and Zanjan are among these locations that are reporting strikes and are completely closed down.


Kangavar Truck drivers continue their strike for the 2nd consecutive day

Kangavar Truck drivers continue their strike for the 2nd consecutive day


Truckers in various cities including Ardakan, Hamedan, Arak, Nahavand, Saveh, Shahrud, Neka, Borujerd, Kermanshah, Bardsir, Sirjan, Shahr-e Babak, Sanandaj, Kerman, Qom, Qazvin, Shiraz, Marvdasht, Abadeh,Ahwaz,Kazerun, Zahedan, Chabahar, Kashmar, Taybad, Sabzevar, Neyshabur, Mashhad, Garmeh, Nehbandan, Lordegan, Shahr-e Kord, Tehran, Bushehr, Ilam, Semirom, Shahreza, Isfahan, Najaf Abad, Shahin Shahr, Zarrin Shahr, Mobarakeh, Ardabil, Urmia, Tabriz and many more are currently on strike. Signs indicate other cities will join the strike in the upcoming days.








Ahwaz Terminal on strike for the 2nd consecutive day

Ahwaz Terminal on strike for the 2nd consecutive day


Drivers are protesting low paychecks, high prices for spare parts and not receiving any responses to their demands. This is a new round of strikes after the August episode.

In cities such as SabzevarMalayer Nahavand, angry drivers are seen standing on the road and preventing any driver to leave with loads in their trucks.






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