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Khamenei insists on continued JCPOA breaches

Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei
Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, July 17, 2019 - Merely one day after the European Union Council of Ministers’ session emphasized on the necessity for Iran’s regime to step back from its 2015 nuclear deal violations and abide by the agreement, Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said this process will in fact continue.

“Our Foreign Minister is saying this very frankly that Europe has 11 commitments with us and they have not lived up to their end of the deal. Why should we? We have been loyal to our commitments in the JCPOA,” Khamenei said, using the acronym for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. “Now we have started to decrease our commitments and they are angry, saying why are you decreasing your commitments? How rude! You had 11 commitments and failed to live up to even one. Why are you asking us to live up to our commitments? Now we have just begun decreasing our commitments and this process will certainly continue,” he added.

Khamenei also made remarks over the seizure of the Iranian regime’s “Grace 1” supertanker by the United Kingdom near Gibraltar based on violating EU sanctions on the export of oil to Syria.

“This will not go unanswered,” Khamenei threatened. “Now, we have the treacherous UK take on piracy. They have actually stolen our ship. This is legalized piracy. This is how they behave. They commit the crime and seek to provide a legal framework to it, claiming the reason was this or that. However, the truth is piracy. Of course, this will not go unanswered.” 


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