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Iran: Farmers, workers protest in the cities of Neyshabur and Tabriz

Protest by farmers near Neyshabour, northeast Iran—September 10, 2020
Protest by farmers near Neyshabour, northeast Iran—September 10, 2020

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, September 12, 2020—On Thursday, September 10, locals in the village of Hosseinabad, near Neyshabur, northeast Iran, held a rally protesting water shortages and seeking answer for their demands from local officials. The farmers want to reclaim the well’s ownership so that they can use it for irrigation.

Workers of the Jolfa Karan Aras Company (Industrial Yarn Producer) in the city of Aras, northwest Iran, gathered on Thursday, September 10, protesting delayed paychecks and demanding that workers’ problems be addressed by company officials.‏

This company is one of the largest textile units in the country and produces 30 percent of the country's acrylic yarn. However, they are facing various problems, including paying their workers' salaries.

Tabriz Compressor Manufacturing Company

Tabriz Compressor Manufacturing Company

Tabriz, East Azarbaijan Province, northeast Iran: On Thursday, September 10, workers of the Tabriz Compressor Manufacturing Company protested at their workplace, demanding the formation of a union.

The protesters said that their paychecks have been delayed for two months and establishing such a union is necessary.

These protesting workers are also seeking job security and preventing the dismissal of workers, eliminating white contracts signed by some employers and launching an independent labor organization to be able to resist these obvious oppressions.

It is worth noting that there are around 138 workers who say they have been deprived of their rights.