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Iran: Fourth day of anti-regime protests triggered by gas price hikes, fuel rationing

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, November 18, 2019—More than 100 cities checkered across Iran are now scenes of escalating protests following a gas price hike declared by the regime on Friday. The Iranian people have escalated their protests and are stating political demands by targeting the regime in its entirety in their slogans against Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, President Hassan Rouhani and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as the source of all the crises in Iran and the miseries the people are suffering from.

Internet is severely shut down and the mullahs’ regime is tolerating the financial loss of nearly $370 million dollars each day that the internet is shut down, according to netblocks.org.

Update (10:30 PM CET):

Reports from inside Iran indicate the mullahs’ oppressive forces are resorting to a slaughter. A PMOI/MEK supporter from Karaj wrote at least 56 dead bodies were brought on Sunday night along with many wounded.



Following Khamenei’s remarks supporting the recent price hike, security forces were using handguns and firing at people indiscriminately, specifically targeting their heads.

The famous Tehran Bazaar is half-closed as many merchants are on strike. The bazaar in Arak, western Iran, is completely closed and all storeowners are on strike.

In Shahriar, west of Tehran, reports indicate at least 70 people were killed on Sunday alone. Unrest and protests continue in the cities of Karaj, Qarchack, Shahriar, Andishe and Eslamshahr, all located near Tehran.

Unrest is also reported from in Khak Sefeed district of southern Tehran. Most of the banks are torched and people are trying to take over police stations.

In Shiraz, reports indicate agents of the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security stormed the hospitals, transferring all the wounded and dead corpses to unknown locations. IRGC and Basij members are using rifles with scopes.


Update (7:50 PM CET):

Reports of intense clashes between the Iranian people and the mullahs’ oppressive forces are received constantly from inside Iran.

Protesting youth are blocking various highways in Isfahan, central Iran. A deputy chief of a police station was killed in the town of Yazdanshahr in Isfahan Province. Another member of the regime’s oppressive forces was also killed in intense clashes reported between protesters and the mullahs’ units. Locals in Yazdanshahr have torched all branches of Bank Melli and Bank Saderat (Exports), the municipality and a center specifically associated with the local mullahs.



In Tehran, youths were seen torching a motorcycle and trailer belonging to the regime’s security forces.



IRGC Basij paramilitary units were seen attacking a rally held at Tehran University. In response, the students defended their ranks and clashed with the security forces. Tehran University students intended to join others from Polytechnic and Azad universities in order to join the people’s rallies in the capital.

Tehran University students were also seen chanting, “Release jailed college students!”



In Fardis near Karaj, west of Tehran, authorities dispatched a large number of security forces in numerous squares.



In Shiraz, clashes were reported between locals and security forces in the city’s Zand Intersection. Other protesters were seen storming and torching the local office of Khamenei’s representative on Sunday. Also in Shiraz, protesting youth were seen blocking a road leading to the local industrial complex.



In London, PMOI/MEK supporters held a solidarity in support of the nationwide uprising in Iran.



Update (3:30 PM CET):

Reports from Shiraz, south-central Iran, indicate protesters are torching banks and gas stations. A branch of the regime-linked Bank Mellat in Rahmat Boulevard and a Tejarat (Trade) Bank branch in Sanaye Street were set ablaze.

Protesters attempted to storm the Soltan Abad police station in Shiraz on Sunday. Security forces opened fire, resulting in five youths being injured. The protesters, however, were able to set the base on fire.

Reports also indicate two Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) commanders in Shiraz were killed on Monday morning by an IRGC officer who opened fire after they ordered the IRGC personnel to shoot at protesters. The IRGC officer was killed at the scene.

In Kazerun, also in south-central Iran, protesters torched a center associated directly to the mullahs’ regime.




Update (11:40 AM CET):

Iran’s IRGC-linked Fars news agency reflects a mere portion of the protests and uprising across Iran. In Shiraz, people are torching banks and administrative buildings.



In Kazerun, south-central Iran, one regime center, three police vehicles and motorcycles have been set ablaze. Protesters also stormed many administrative and municipality buildings.

In Isfahan, central Iran, a communication building in the northern part of the city has been destroyed. A number of banks and gas stations have been literally destroyed. All other gas stations are closed. Officials say at least 23 banks have been burned. People have been unsuccessful in storming a number of police stations. Another regime center in the Zeynabieh district was seen burning on Sunday night. Furthermore, a number of highways and main roads have been blocked by protesters.

Many cities and towns around Tehran, including Shahriar, Shahr-e Quds, Baharestan, Malard, Robat Karim and Eslamshahr witnessed major unrests Sunday night, including protesters torching gas stations and regime-linked supermarkets.

In Baharestan most of the regime’s administrative buildings have been stormed by protesters and are burning.

In Shahr-e Quds, reports indicate protesters have attacked and inflicted massive damage to the regime’s administrative buildings, the office of Khamenei’s representative in this area, the municipality, and nearly all banks.

One member of the IRGC Basij paramilitary forces has been killed in clashes reported in Malard between protesters and the mullahs’ security forces.

In Khuzestan Province of southwest Iran, people are now armed in the cities of Sarbandar and Mahshahr, and they are opening fire on the regime’s oppressive security forces. Protesters threatened to attack an IRGC Basij base in Khorramshahr. In Mahshahr, protesters attacked a Basij site.

In Sarbandar, protesters attacked a building linked directly to the mullahs’ regime. Protesters also attacked Khamenei’s representative in this city.


In a report from Shiraz, south-central Iran, on Sunday night, only ten banks had remained untouched and protesters had torched nearly all such state-run banks across this large city. Branches of the Refah supermarkets, linked to the IRGC, have been emptied by protesters and then set ablaze. The city is reportedly filled with the smoke of fires burning in different areas.

Some reports indicate the city is falling out of the regime’s control and people are armed in the streets. Many police stations and military bases have been stormed and people are now using the weapons found inside.

Other reports indicate people in the city of Shiraz are supporting the brave youths by preparing food and sandwiches. A group of 25 residents are busy making these sandwiches and one says the city is no longer in a defensive mode.

In Isfahan, central Iran, protesters had taken control over the Razmandegan Intersection and reports also show escalating clashes between locals and the regime’s security forces.



Brave youths in the Heydarabad district of Karaj, west of Tehran, installed roadblocks and bonfires, taking control over their districts.

In Fardis, also near Karaj, protesters were seen torching a branch of the regime’s Bank Sepah on Sunday night.



In Marivan, western Iran, armed clashes were reported between protesters and the regime’s security forces, leading to the killing of two IRGC members. Armed clashes were reported in a number of districts in this city and armed men were seen opening fire on the regime’s forces.