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Iran: Pressure on Evin Prison inmates

Evin Prison – Tehran, Iran
Evin Prison – Tehran, Iran

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Jan. 5, 2019 - Limitations and pressures imposed on Evin Prison in Tehran, the capital of Iran, are increasing with each passing day, according to incoming reports.

Currently, quality of food is extremely low and inmates are saying it is not edible at all. There is no meat and only soya provided, and some of the meals given to the inmates are said to be completely below standards and even seen as methods used by authorities to harass the prisoners.

The prison stores sells goods at enormously high prices. Furthermore, prison authorities are stealing money from the inmates’ accounts and issuing fake receipts to further their theft.

The heating system at the prison clinic is not functioning and patients are kept in cold conditions. Nurses and other clinic staff are being very disrespectful to the inmates, to further their pains and dilemmas. There is a very small amount of medicine available at the clinic and there are no hygiene goods or even simple medicine in the prison store.


Unbearable conditions

Another report indicates the Iranian regime has during the past few months decided to gradually decrease the quality of food and living conditions for the inmates. This is especially true for political prisoners.

The food and bread rations for the inmates have been decreased to less than half and many of the prisoners who don’t have the money and are sleeping hungry at nights. Medicine and medical care is scarcely provided, and ill inmates are not dispatched to hospitals or medical centers for treatment, literally leaving them to face death.

Food stuffs are decreased significantly in the prison store and the prisoners are no longer able to procure their food necessities. In the winter, there is no warm water in the prison’s showers and even heating appliances are turned off, leaving the prisoners facing a variety of illnesses.

In many prisons, including Evin, political prisoners are placed alongside dangerous ordinary prisoners in order to torture and harass the political prisoners. Hygiene conditions in Iran’s prisons have nosedived to catastrophic low and some prisons have an unbelievably high number of inmates far beyond their capacity. In some prisons inmates have nowhere to sleep and are seen laying on the ground in the jail’s halls.

This is just one more view of atrocious human rights conditions in Iran under the mullahs’ regime.