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Iran: Man sets himself ablaze outside Tehran municipality

The man whose store was closed down set himself ablaze outside Tehran's municipality building
The man whose store was closed down set himself ablaze outside Tehran's municipality building

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Sep. 4, 2018 - A man whose store was closed down by agents of Tehran’s District 2 municipality set himself ablaze Tuesday morning outside the Iranian capital’s municipality building. He was first seen blocking the street, shouting against cruelty and demanding his rights. The man suddenly set himself ablaze, eyewitnesses say. This individual, also intending to set his entire family ablaze, was fortunately stopped by bystanders. Reports indicate people at the scene rushed the man to a hospital.



The state-run Tabnak website wrote:

“Minutes ago a middle-aged man set himself ablaze outside the Tehran municipality building. According to available information, the man was seen shouting, drenching his body with gasoline and setting himself ablaze.

“People say this Tehran local owns a store in the capital’s District 2 and has recently been fined 5 billion rials (nearly $120,000 based on the regime’s fixed 42,000 rial/$ rate). The man went to the municipality seeking assistance. After not receiving an adequate answer, he decides to set himself ablaze. It is said the man intended to also set his wife and children on fire, yet bystanders prevented him from doing so.”

Suicides and people setting themselves ablaze have become a national crisis and catastrophe in Iran under the mullahs’ regime. People suffering from poverty, crackdown, discrimination and inequality are seen committing suicide in the most horrible ways.

The number of people committing suicide is escalating at an alarming rate and head of the Burns Research Center in the School of Medical Sciences acknowledged the increasing number of such suicides.

“Each year 30,000 patients suffering from burns are hospitalized while only 1,350 burning cases are due to incidents,” the official said, indicating the country witnesses over 28,500 cases of suicides through self-immolation each year.