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Iranian MPs express their terror of social outrage

Majlis (parliament) members in Iran expressing grave concerns
Majlis (parliament) members in Iran expressing grave concerns

Report by PMOI/MEK


Iran, July 19, 2019 - On July 15 and 16, members of the Iranian regime's Majlis (parliament) stated their fear of the explosive state of the society and the people's outrage on poor living conditions, water shortages, environmental crises, and governmental corruption.


Moussavi Larigani: In Abrisham Mahaleh, Yazd Abad, some days, people only have one hour of water, which is making life very hard for them. Some days, the families call and say they don't have potable water for their children. The people of Ghadarijan are constantly faced with water outage.


Pour Ebrahimi: It's been months that in the city of Kerman, capital of Kerman province, water is being rationed. The people are faced with a multitude of problems. The cities of Rafsanjan, Zarand, Sirjan, and Kerman are faced with serious water shortages.


Naghavi Hosseini: The costs of water and electricity have intensely increased. The price of electricity bills has increased several folds. The government shouldn't amplify high prices.


Lahouti: Today, 75 percent of these 50 tons of garbage are causing cancer. The water valves are polluting our rivers and water sources. These are causing cancer.


Mohsen Kouhkan: The government of Prudence and Hope (the mantra of Hassan Rouhani's administration) has been weaker and more inefficient than all previous governments and only talked. It's regrettable, but it's the truth that is very tangible to all of us.


Farid Mousavi: Unfortunately, all sorts of corrupt practices have caused the people to view the government negatively. The widening rifts in the society should be an alarm to all the authorities of the country.


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