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Iran: Khamenei’s reps worried over 2019 overthrow plans

Supporters of the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK holding sings that reads "I will overthrow"
Supporters of the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK holding sings that reads "I will overthrow"

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Dec. 17, 2018 - A large portion of the remarks made by Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in his meeting with a slate of senior regime figures on December 12 focused on warnings about the possibility of their regime being overthrown in 2019 and the pillar role played by the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). He placed his regime and forces on full alert, calling on them to be aware of such a plot in 2019.

Khamenei is, in fact, looking to set his low morale regime on high alert, seeking to bring an end to all such rifts that are threatening the very pillars of his rule.

Following Khamenei’s remarks, Friday prayer imams in various cities across Iran – considered as his representatives – referred to his remarks and warned about the “enemy” and the overthrowing plots blueprinted for 2019.

“We must be very aware in 2019 because these threats in 2018 may be paving the paths for a much more powerful sedition next year… Experience shows that following the death of [regime founder Khomeini], the system has experienced a sedition once every ten years. Now we must be prepared for 2019,” said the Friday prayer imam of Asalem, northern Iran. After Khomeini’s death in 1988, Iran has witnessed the massive students uprising in 1999, the 2009 uprising and now the regime is gearing for 2019.

Mullah Ahmad Mir-Emadi, the Friday prayer of Khorramabad, western Iran, also expressed his concerns following Khamenei’s remarks.

“The Supreme Leader mentioned a very sensitive issue in this speech, referring to the blueprint sketched for 2019,” he said.

Mullah Ali Moalemi in Qaemshahr, northern Iran, unveiled his extreme concerns about the enemy.

“The enemy, with its cultural attacks on the internet, is attempting to spread corruption throughout our society and terrifying the nation about the enemy’s threats,” he said.

Mullah Gholam-Hossein Sedighi in Tehran expressed concern about an enemy that has “sought to overthrow the state from day one [of the mullahs’ rule].”

Khamenei’s representative in the city of Ilam, western Iran, expressed concern about an enemy “that has plans for December and January to disrupt the society’s security [read the mullahs’ security].”

The Friday prayer imam in Mashhad referred to Khamenei’s concerns about his regime being overthrown in 2019 by expressing his fear of an enemy that “might have intentions to deceive us and make a lot of noise about it in 2018, while, for example, have a plan for 2019.”

Khamenei’s representative in the city of Kermanshah said: “The leader insisted to be aware of 2019 and the years afterward. The enemies are hell-bent on carrying out conspiracies against the Islamic Republic in 2019. For years, operatives of the global arrogance have carried out plots against the Islamic Republic of Iran for years, seeking to bring an end to this Islamic state.”

It is crystal clear the depth of the crisis that has engulfed the Iranian regime in its entirety and the fear they have of an organized resistance movement spreading across the country and the resistance units associated to the PMOI/MEK.

This movement has become such a weight on the regime’s shoulders that Khamenei was forced to refer to it by using the term “enemy” over 20 times in his remarks.

More than all other officials, Khamenei is fully aware of this crisis that is spreading throughout Iran’s society. There are crises threatening his regime with all solutions leading to accelerating the regime’s overthrow.

On the other hand, the Iranian people are reaching their tolerance threshold regarding the regime’s cruelty. Making matters far worse for the regime is the presence of an organized resistance movement that is dedicated to overthrowing the mullahs’ apparatus in its entirety. The PMOI/MEK showed a portion of its power during the Dec/Jan and August uprisings.

This is exactly why Khamenei and his representatives across the country are increasingly concerned about overthrow plots in 2019 and are pathetically resorting to “warning therapy” to prolong the life of their regime for maybe just another day.