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Iran, the JCPOA and a possible exit?

German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass
German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


July 8, 2018 - On the result of the recent Iran nuclear deal talks in Vienna, German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass says world powers cannot make up for the damages the Iranian regime is suffering from due to the return of US sanctions. Mass goes on to warn Tehran, saying their exit from the pact can result in even more damages to this regime’s economy.

The sense of futility is spreading among Iranian regime media and official over what rendered from the JCPOA Commission on Friday in Vienna. The terms “Nearly no results,” “Disappointing,” “Europe’s pledges, with no date or signature,” “Talks for talks” and “Europe’s package was full of air!” are being heard from Iran’s regime and their media.

Keyhan daily, known to be the mouthpiece of Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, titled its editorial piece as “Chocolate at talks’ end!” on the talks with European powers.

“At the end of these talks, the European Union issued a ten-article statement, nine of which referred to general issues, with or without making no difference. Only article eight covers economic relations aimed at safeguarding the JCPOA. Meaning this is something like chocolate… There is no guarantee in the EU statement,” the piece reads in part.

Vatan-e Emrooz daily referred to the JCPOA Commission’s failure through another approach.

“The recent remarks heard from [French Foreign Minister Jean Yves] Le Drian shows Europe has no intention of confronting the Trump administration (at least not until November) even in areas where they enjoy the power of taking measures on US secondary sanctions against us… His words vividly unveil Europe’s deceptive and completely political methods in regards to the JCPOA,” the article reads in part.

Javan daily, affiliated to the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards Basij force, was seen saber-rattling on this subject.

“… We will officially announce our exit from the JCPOA if the three European countries state overboard demands or insist on a lopsided deal.”

At the end of the day, there is no opening witnessed for Iran’s regime from the Vienna talks.

One senior European diplomat said it is quite doubtful the Iranian regime’s objectives will be provided for.


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