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Iraqi protesters storm sites belonging to Iran-backed militias

Protesters in the city of Nasiriyan, southern Iran, storm sites associated to various Iran-backed militia groups
Protesters in the city of Nasiriyan, southern Iran, storm sites associated to various Iran-backed militia groups

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, August 24, 2020—Anger over the Iranian regime’s destructive meddling in Iraq increases as protesters stormed various sites associated to numerous Iran-backed militia groups in the city of Nasiriyah on Saturday and Sunday, August 22 and 23. The protesters targeted several buildings belonging to the Badr Corps, the Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq, the Hekmah group and the Dawa Party that is associated directly to former Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki who, known for his very close relations to the mullahs’ regime in Tehran.

Iraqi protesters then rallied in a square located in the city’s southern areas to celebrate their success in cleansing their city of the various groups and militias associated directly to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Quds Force. Many were seen chanting slogans emphasizing on continuing this uprising until all their objectives have been met.

Protests in Nasiriyah follow similar developments in the city of Basra, southern Iraq near Kuwait, where locals have launched numerous rallies protesting the assassination of various activists. Many are holding the Iranian regime and their proxies in Basra responsible for these chain murders.

In response to people’s demands in Basra, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi visited Basra on Sunday following his return from Washington and met with the family of Dr. Reham Yaqoub, a woman activist assassinated last week. “I swear on the martyrs’ blood that there is no escape from justice for their crimes. Husham Hashemi and Tahsin Osama did not die in vain,” the Iraqi Prime Minister added, mentioning two more names of Iraqi activists killed in recent weeks.

It is worth noting that Iranian regime state media voiced grave concerns about the consequences of Al-Kadhimi’s visit to Washington recently for the mullahs’ future. One outlet is the Kayhan daily, known as the mouthpiece of regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, published a piece titled “Kadhimi’s fruitless awaiting,” reflecting on Tehran’s disappointment from the outcome of this visit.

“Iraqi parties [read Iran-backed militia groups] expected Al-Kadhimi to finalize two issues during this visit. One being the presence of U.S. military forces in Iraq and in fact, taking measures to have these forces leave Iraq in less than one year, and reaching an agreement to have the U.S. invest in Iraq’s infrastructure.

“Al-Kadhimi’s visit showed no success in attracting U.S. financing Iraq’s oil, gas and electricity industries or in regard to throwing U.S. military forces out through a certain channel and based on the time-period emphasized by the Iraqi Parliament.”

It is worth noting that earlier this year the Iranian regime took advantage of an opportunity when numerous Iraqi MPs from different groups had boycotted the Iraqi Parliament. At the time Iraqi MPs with known affiliations to Tehran pushed forward a measure calling on U.S. military forces to leave Iraq. Despite Tehran’s massive propaganda effort in this regard, this initiative has failed to bear fruit to this day.