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Locals in Iraq & Afghanistan protests Iran’s meddling

Demonstrations in Iraq [File Photo]
Demonstrations in Iraq [File Photo]

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, June 9, 2020—Locals in Iraq rallied in the cities of Najaf, Karbala, Babil (Babylon), West Hamzah, Al Diwaniyah and Nasiriyah, holding demonstrations and calling for an end to the control enjoyed by Iraqi proxies and groups associated to the mullahs’ regime ruling Iran. These demonstrators also called for legal action and accountability against those individuals who ordered and carried out the killing sprees targeting civilian protesters and demonstrators.

In the city of Najaf, brave youths torched several provincial checkpoints and the home of Najaf province governor Luay al-Yassiry, who is known and despised for his very close association to the mullahs’ regime ruling Iran. The protesters are demanding he hand his resignation and step down from his post.

Militia group members and units of the government’s anti-riot force opened fire upon demonstrators outside the governor’s office, leaving many demonstrators wounded.

In the city of Al Diwaniyah, Iraqi demonstrators were seen holding a rally and also demanding the resignation of their provincial governor, accusing him of enjoying close ties with the Iranian regime.

In Karbala, demonstrators rallied outside the governor’s office and called for his resignation along with other local government officials. The demonstrators are also demanding accountability for the Karbala provincial governor and other local officials responsible for the ruthless crackdown against innocent civilians.

In Hillah province, demonstrators in the city of West Hamzah surrounded a building of the Asaebl Ahl al-Haq, a militia group known for its very close association to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Quds Force, and called for the site to be closed. Asaeb members opened fire on the demonstrators and brave youths took action to defend themselves and confront the oppressive measures.


People in the city of Nangarhar, Afghanistan, against the Iranian regime’s meddling

People in the city of Nangarhar, Afghanistan, against the Iranian regime’s meddling

The people of Afghanistan in the provinces of Kabul and Helmand held demonstrations protesting crimes committed by the mullahs’ regime ruling Iran against Afghan migrants and the vicious killings carried out against their fellow compatriots.

In the demonstration held in Kabul organized by the Afghanistan Solidarity Party outside Tehran’s embassy locals were seen and heard condemning the attack by Iranian regime security forces against a vehicle of Afghan migrants in the Iranian city of Yazd that resulted in a number of Afghan nationals burning alive.

These demonstrators also condemned the IRGC for its recent deliberate drowning of dozens of Afghan nationals in a river on the Iran-Afghan border. These demonstrators splashed paint on the Iranian regime embassy in Kabul, demanding the mission’s closure and Tehran’s ambassador expelled from their country.

In Helmand province demonstrators were seen rallying against the Iranian regime’s crimes, voicing similar demands as their compatriots in Kabul.