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Torturing and murdering Iran’s youths in the streets: Why?

Authorities in Iran torture and humiliate the country’s youths in the streets to create a climate of fear throughout the society.
Authorities in Iran torture and humiliate the country’s youths in the streets to create a climate of fear throughout the society.

Analysis by PMOI/MEK

Iran, November 1, 2020—The regime’s cruel State Security Forces in Mashhad, a city in northeast Iran, attacked a young man with an electric taser and pepper spray, murdering him in broad daylight. The videos of his lifeless and tortured body posted on social media ignited a new wave of public outrage and resentment of the mullahs’ rule.



This is yet another example of the countless crimes of oppressive forces of mullah’s regime. Of course, this is not just single case out of crimes that the regime’s oppressive forces have perpetrated in recent days. Reports also indicate another young man was murdered by authorities in North Khorasan province of northeast Iran.

“The young man’s next of kin appeared in court in North Khorasan and filed a ‘deadly shooting’ lawsuit,” according to a report wired by the state-run ISNA news agency.



Iran’s youths are being tortured and murdered by State Security Forces (SSF) while regime officials have been portraying themselves as human rights defenders and condemning police violence in other countries.

“Nowadays, you see the situation in America, the messy situation in America. Things that appear in American cities and states, at present, that is an emerging aspect of the realities which always was covered up. These things are not existing for the first time,” said Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said on June 8 according to state TV.

When the ruthless SSF are accompanied with the regime’s municipalities agents, there is no longer any safety for anyone. The murdering of Ms. Asiyeh Panahi in the city of Kermanshah in western Iran is another example of this brutality.

These criminal measures are always endorsed and supported by regime officials, including Khamenei himself.

“Convey my greetings to all the good, hardworking State Security Forces who offer their services to the country,” said Khamenei in a message to SSF chief Hossein Ashtari on October 20. “Our dear people value the services which they offer and nonstop efforts and endeavors for them and the country. Today, they perceive both strength and kindness in the State Security Forces of Islamic Republic of Iran and welcome their initiatives,” Khamenei added, according to his official website.

The “kind” SSF initiative that Khamenei referred to is nothing but publicly parading/humiliating and beating youths in the streets, or murdering people broad day light by means of electric tasers and pepper spray.

Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Hossein Salami also praised the SSF for their crimes. “The SSF’s approach regarding thugs is very admirable and must continue authoritatively. There is no separation between the IRGC and the SSF. The SSF portray the most elegant morals of the administration rule,” he said on October 25. “To be fair the SSF’s measures are exceptionally good and these measures must be made public. The SSF’s supportive roles are wonderful. The decisive treatment of criminals are very important,” he added, according to the state-run Javan Online website.

The question is what is the reason for this level of brutality by the SSF and regime officials’ underscoring its suppressive role?

The answer is clear. The regime is on the verge of collapse due to escalating public resentment and outrage, especially among the youth who are frustrated and fed up with the regime.

That is why regime officials have been expressing deep concerns over the killing of an IRGC Basij paramilitary member in the Tehranpars area of the Iranian capital Tehran. “If there are those who are destabilizing various areas, the police must handle the situation with an iron fist,” said SSF chief Hossein Ashtari on October 24. “Pro-opposition and foreign media intend to create insecurity across the country. Our colleagues in the Cyber Security Forces have identified more than 300 websites attempting to disrupt the public order,” he added, according to state TV.

Fear of public resentment and outrage, and another uprising deeply concerns regime officials and the heads of its oppressive security forces.

“Violence is escalating in our society day by day. Bear in mind that in a society in which social dilemma is neglected and somehow relinquished, each case of resentment and division can erupt into an immense crisis,” according to an October 26 piece published by the state-run Jahan-e-Sanaat daily.

Mostaghel daily portrays the regime’s concerns in the coming days and weeks. “The most important outcomes of economic crises are likely to be followed with social and political effects. Therefore, there is a risk of this spreading insecurity, violence and clashes. With social peace nosediving—usually being prior to a general peace—there are concerns about widespread public unrests in the near future,” the article published on October 26 reads in part.

The SSF’s brutality is in response to this broad concern among regime officials that leave them with no choice but attempting to save itself by creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. However, the truth is that Iran’s rebellious youths and general population are fed up with this regime and are thinking of nothing but ousting the entire establishment.

The very people, whose hatred of this regime has turned into a powder keg waiting to explode with a small spark, will eradicate the mullahs’ regime in its entirety.