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Iranian VP voices concerns over opposition PMOI revelations

Iranian regime Vice President Eshagh Jahangiri
Iranian regime Vice President Eshagh Jahangiri

Reporting by PMOI/MEK   

Iran, April 19, 2020—Iranian regime Vice President Eshagh Jahangiri acknowledged the regime’s widespread corruption and concerns over revelations made by Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) regarding the coronavirus death toll.

“Corruption has engulfed [the regime] like termites and intends to bring down the entire system,” he said on Saturday, April 18, at a meeting with the regime’s minister and deputy ministers of industries, mining and trade. “People see that their lives are in dire hardship, but some people are living in luxury thanks to corruption.”

The regime’s First Vice President also voiced growing concerns over the PMOI/MEK’s revelations regarding the mullahs’ theft and corruption during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, especially the daily reports that show the regime’s coronavirus death toll and number of cases are nothing but lies.



“This country has enemies and dissidents who are spread across the globe, and they have media outlets at their disposal. They are constantly pumping to take hope away from the people and leave them disappointed. [Media outlets and others] inside the country should not do the same. In such circumstances it is not expected from us to take hope away from the people. Why should we be giving a goal assist to the satellite media networks so they can question our entire state, and say they have lost billions of dollars and now they say we don’t have money?” Jahangiri continued.

“Our Health Ministry has coordinated numbers with the World Health Organization. Each and every day when they intend to announce their stats, there are voices who immediately say these numbers are not true. They pump these reports to leave the nation disappointed and hopeless,” he added. “The people should not thing we are happy with such things and the corruption that takes place,” Jahangiri said in an obvious sign of the concerns among the regime’s senior figures over possible social unrest in the near future.



“The price of oil, which one day had reached over $100, has now decreased to less than $20. OPEC and non-OPEC countries have decided to lower their outputs,” the regime’s First Vice President in reference to the devastating impact of the novel coronavirus on the global oil market. This has left the mullahs’ regime bankrupt and without the money it needs to further fuel its domestic crackdown and terrorism abroad.