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Iran oil tanker seized by Egypt in the Suez Canal

Iran’s regime has been involved in an “oil war” against the world
Iran’s regime has been involved in an “oil war” against the world

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, July 10, 2019 - Egyptian sources are reporting the seizure of a large oil tanker carrying Iranian oil as the ship sought to pass through the Suez Canal, according to a Tuesday report published by Iran’s state-run Mehr news agency citing Al Araby Al Jadeed. This oil tanker was sailing under the flag of Ukraine and was seized ten days prior to the Tuesday report.

Egypt’s measure of seizing the stated oil tanker was in line with implementing U.S. sanctions targeting the mullahs’ regime in Iran.

In an interview with Iran’s state-run Channel 2 TV network, Iranian regime Oil Minister Bijhan Zanganeh acknowledged the seizure of the Iranian oil tanker by Egypt.

News reports of this oil tanker seizure are being published as the Egyptian Supreme Security Criminal Court recently sentenced six individuals on charges of espionage for the regime in Iran, attempting to inflict damage on the Egyptian military, political sites and national interests. The charged individuals were sentenced to 15 to 25 years behind bars.

Furthermore, the United Kingdom Royal Marines seized an Iranian regime supertanker, Grace 1, in the waters of Gibraltar. Reuters wrote if it is proven that the Iranian oil tanker sought to deliver oil to Syria, in addition to violating European Union sanctions against Syria, this will be in violation of U.S. oil sanctions against the Iranian regime.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May welcomed the seizure of the mullahs’ supertanker by Gibraltar authorities. The seizing of this super tanker sends a clear message that the violation of European Union sanctions are unacceptable, according to the UK government spokesperson.

Data provided by mapping institutions show that Iran’s supertanker had refrained from passing through the Suez Canal and chose to take a very long route around Africa in what is being described as an effort aimed at deceiving governmental authorities and bypass U.S./EU sanctions. Iran has a history of smuggling oil, fuel and other such consignments.

News reports are also citing maritime officials saying the Iranian regime may have intended to transfer this supertanker’s oil to another ship in Syrian waters in order to eventually sell the oil to European countries.