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The Iranian regime continues to lie about the scale of the coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus in Iran
Coronavirus in Iran

Analysis by PMOI/MEK

Iran, February 27, 2020—While the Iranian regime tries to hide the coronavirus outbreak plaguing the country by publishing contradictory statistics to prevent any protests against its inaction on the situation, a statistics check based on figures declared by regime-run media shows that at least 3,200 people have been infected with the virus and are in a state of quarantine.

Information published by official sources shows that the mullahs’ regime was aware at least three weeks ago of the outbreak of coronavirus and had taken measures to secure its governmental institutions against this virus.

Even some Medical and health centers demanded a shutdown of regime’s pilgrimage and cultural centers in Qom, Mashhad and Shah Abdolazim (Tehran) but the operators of these centers had officially denounced the shutdown of these centers to continue to plunder the wealth of the people.

From that time, regime’s military and suppressive forces canceled their public ceremonies and programs. In military and security centers they imposed wide control to prevent coronavirus infection and they distributed hygienic masks and disinfectants for free.

But the regime only acknowledged coronavirus cases on February 19, after two people died of the virus.

The regime’s state-run media confessed that only in hospital of Masih Daneshvari, which is run by Ali Akbar Velayati, consultant to regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei, about 104 people have been hospitalized due to coronavirus infection.

An official from the Ministry of Health officials said, “At the moment 320 patients are suspected to be affected to Corona are hospitalized in Kamera and Forqani hospitals in Qom.”

Another official said, “Since Friday February 21, 2020 about 10,000 people are quarantined in addiction health centers in Tehran province and in upcoming days no addicted person can be received in these centers.”

On the other hand, the people have published more information in social media about the scale of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran. People and various sources in Qom says that the real death toll until Monday is more than 70.

In Karaj a 17-year-old girl died as a result of Corona virus. A nurse from a local hospital in Tabriz affiliated to the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) said: “Two people, one of whom was a doctor, died in Imam Reza Hospital.”

The real scale of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran is much worse than what the media is admitting. According to statistical research done by a group of scientists and doctors from the University of Toronto published, it is statistically possible that 18,000 people are infected with coronavirus in Iran.

The research results were published on February 24 based on information available until that date. Researchers focused on volume of travel from Iran to other countries and proven cases of infected people arriving in other countries, such as Lebanon and Canada.

“Given the low volumes of air travel to countries with identified cases of COVID-19 with origin in Iran (such as Canada), it is likely that Iran is currently experiencing a COVID-19 epidemic of significant size for such exportations to be occurring”, the researchers wrote in their report.