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Iran coronavirus update: Over 61,100 deaths, “15% of Tehran contracted COVID-10”

The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has taken the lives of over 61,100 people throughout Iran, according to the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK
The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has taken the lives of over 61,100 people throughout Iran, according to the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, June 25, 2020—Over 61,100 people have died of the novel coronavirus in 340 cities checkered across all of Iran’s 31 provinces, according to reports tallied by the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) as of Thursday afternoon local time, June 25. The official death count declared by the regime stands at 10,130, around a sixth of the actual figure.

The death toll in various provinces include: 4,635 in Khuzestan, 3,815 in Qom, 3,160 in Isfahan, 3,510 in Razavi Khorasan, 2,195 in Lorestan, 1,640 in West Azerbaijan, 1,220 in Fars, and 760 in Kerman. This is in addition to reports obtained from other provinces.

The spokesperson for the regime’s Health Ministry on Thursday said 134 people died of the novel coronavirus during the past 24 hours.


Over 61,100 dead of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Iran

Over 61,100 dead of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Iran

“In some provinces, such as Qom and Gilan, around 40 percent of the population have contracted COVID-19. In Tehran, this figure stands at around 15 percent… At the Health Ministry, it was in our interest for the re-opening to not take place. However, there are people who can’t put food on the table if they don’t go to work… We still have not surpassed the first peak. At times there are a few provinces that are more engaged with the virus, and then other provinces follow suit. The novel coronavirus continues to spread across the country,” said Deputy Health Minister Alireza Raisi on Wednesday, according to the Alef website.

“Fourteen to 20 percent of Tehran’s residents have now contracted COVID-19… The highest number of coronavirus cases is found in District 4, with a population of 900,000, is the capital’s most densely populated area,” Alireza Zali, head of the Tehran COVID-19 Task Force on Thursday, had said on Wednesday, according to the Fars news agency, an outlet affiliated directly to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). “In the past 24 hours a total of 285 patients have been hospitalized in general sections and 93 have been placed in ICUs. This is an increase compared to the day before.”

“Currently, Tehran has around 4,000 active hospital beds and we can once again add to this capacity very quickly… A number of our clinics in Tehran are up and running and we will once again be planning for them,” Zali said on Thursday, according to the Hemayat daily.

The number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized in Tehran’s Khomeini Hospital has increased by 144 percent in the past five days and “the number of people hospitalized increased from 595 on June 20 to 1,340 on June 24,” according to a Thursday report wired by the Fars news agency.

In Golestan province, IRIB news agency reported that the dean of the medical sciences university confirmed 460 hospitalized coronavirus patients in the province’s medical centers and said, “In the next 2-3 days, we will probably face a shortage of beds in Gonbad-e Kavus. Children have contracted the virus as well.”

IRNA reported on Wednesday: “Yesterday, 10 people died of coronavirus in Gonbad.” IRNA added, “Presently, Golestan faces a serious coronavirus threat. Although the threat of coronavirus has pushed many regions of Golestan into a code-red condition, Friday prayers are to be held in 13 counties of this province.”

In Fars province, a member of Shiraz city council said, “The figures declared by official bodies indicate Shiraz has entered the coronavirus+ stage. My colleagues at medical sciences universities are concerned about entering the code-red stage and the threat to the health of citizens. The medical centers of Shiraz are faced with an increasing number of incoming coronavirus patients, hospitalized patients, and deaths.” (Source: Tasnim News Agency, June 24)

In Western Azerbaijan, the state-run Mehr News Agency quoted the provincial governor as saying, “Given the increase in the number of coronavirus patients, new restrictions will be imposed across the province starting from Thursday… The women’s hospital that is being built in Urmia has already entered the cycle of treating coronavirus patients.”

In Kermanshah, the deputy dean of the medical sciences university said, “Every day, our beds are increasing, as are the number of patients and deaths… If the current situation continues, we will face very tough conditions.” (Source: Javan Daily, June 24)

In Markazi province, the governor of Saveh has declared the implementation of new restrictions due to the increase in the number of coronavirus cases, ISNA news agency reported.

In Eastern Azerbaijan, the dean of the medical sciences university said, “The number of daily new coronavirus patients in the province has increased from 300 to 450.” (Source: ISNA, June 24)

Iran coronavirus outbreak death toll interactive map