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Iran: Home to 13 million labor families living in poverty

More than 80% of all Iranians are living in poverty
More than 80% of all Iranians are living in poverty

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Jan. 9, 2019 - Considering recent rumors over the Iranian regime’s intention to further decrease workers’ wages, one regime official in an interview with the state-run ILNA news agency said this would lead to the end of the workers’ class in Iran.

“Women working in stores across the country are receiving around 5 million rials (around $45), without any insurance, while working 10 hours a day,” he said, shedding light on the mullahs’ ruthless misogyny against women. “The government has adopted a policy of denial regarding the fact that workers’ lives are being destroyed” and they will not accept “the harsh realities they have brought about for these workers.”

Workers are becoming poorer with each passing day and “80 percent of the workers are living beyond the death line,” according to Faramarz Tofighi, another Iranian regime official.

Meaning workers have dropped even below the absolute poverty line and are literally deprived of life’s daily necessities. Many are barely making ends meet and desperate to procure their daily food. All the while, prices for daily goods are on the rise.

In such conditions, many daily workers and those on part-time contracts are enduring even more hardships. At the end of the day, a total of 13 million labor families are living under the absolute poverty line.

Nosediving living standards have become an undeniable reality. At a time when many economy experts believe the poverty line has surpassed even beyond 50 million rials per month in the country’s large cities, nearly 90% percent of those employed – either in the public or private sectors – are now considered living in poverty. Workers are losing their patience in such circumstances, joining other protesters in voicing their dissent against the mullahs’ regime and the inhumane policies adopted by the cabinet of Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani.

Protest rallies, including the strikes launched by Haft Tapeh sugar cane mill employees Ahvaz steel workers, along with other protests launched by workers in factories and production lines, are among the measures taken by Iranian workers against the mullahs’ cruelty.

With their protests, especially through chanting “Our enemy is right here, they lie in saying its America,” Iran’s workers are showing how the workers’ protests are alive, expanding and causing major concerns for the mullahs’ in Tehran.

The country’s truckers have staged numerous protests and strikes across the country.




While the Iranian regime has resorted to severe crackdown in their attempts to quell these protests, the people’s protests have proven their efforts to be futile. Arrests, torture, imprisonment, and even death sentences are no longer effective in overcoming labor protests. This movement is another segment of the continuing protests and uprising sweeping the country as we speak.


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