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Instagram closes more accounts of Iran’s IRGC

Instagram continues to close more accounts related to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC)
Instagram continues to close more accounts related to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC)

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, April 19, 2019 - Following the U.S. State Department’s move to officially designate the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” (FTO), Instagram has been continuously taking measures to close down accounts related to the mullahs’ IRGC.

On Friday, the account of IRGC Quds Force chief Qasem Soleimani’s daughter was also closed.

Furthermore, the account related to a jihadi group known as the “Shaheed Baghaie,” related to the IRGC Basij branch in the Ahvaz Medical School, was closed.

The number of Instagram accounts closed in the past few days:

  • Farhad Nazar, the former state police commander
  • Hossein Salami, deputy commander of the IRGC
  • Habib Shahsavari, IRGC commander in northwest Iran
  • Mohammad Taghi Osanlu, commander of Fort Hamze in northwest Iran (two accounts)
  • Abedin Khorram, commander of the IRGC’s “Ashura Corps”
  • Ruhollah Nouri, deputy commander of the IRGC Ground Forces (two accounts)
  • GholamAsgar Karimian, deputy training chief, IRGC Ground Forces

Instagram has also deleted IRGC-related posts in the account of Amir Abdullahian, special advisor to the regime’s Majlis (parliament) speaker Ali Larijani.

“Beginning on Tuesday morning, a number of Instagram accounts associated to a various military officials and even current/former government officials, including Mohammad Bagheri, head of the Armed Forces Chiefs of Staff; IRGC commander-in-chief Mohammad Ali Jafari; IRGC Ground Forces commander Mohammad Pakpour; IRGC Quds Force chief Qasem Soleimani; IRGC deputy coordinator Ali Fadavi; IRGC deputy Hossein Salami; former Tehran mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf and former state TV/radio chief Ezzatollah Zarghami, have been closed. Other accounts related to the IRGC and Quds Force have been closed in Instagram,” according to a Wednesday report published in the mullahs’ official news agency.

“The Instagram account of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) is active while the Instagram accounts of IRGC officials are closed due to the FTO designation,” the piece added.