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Rouhani’s desperate need to lie about Iran’s coronavirus outbreak

Rouhani’s desperate need to lie about Iran’s coronavirus outbreak
Rouhani’s desperate need to lie about Iran’s coronavirus outbreak

Reporting by PMOI/MEK  

Iran, April 14, 2020—In a meeting with the heads of the Coronavirus Control Task Force on Sunday, Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani once again tried to justify the cancelation of nationwide quarantines by normalizing the situation. According to the regime, the COVID-19 outbreak has so far claimed the lives of around 4,500 people in Iran. But information obtained by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) indicates that at least 27,000 people have died from coronavirus in Iran, and Rouhani’s destructive policies are bound to cause many more preventable deaths.

We’re doing better than Europe

Rouhani ridiculously claimed that the situation in Iran is better than the European countries. ‌By showing frustration about the revelations of the MEK about the regime’s cover-up of the COVID-19 death toll, Rouhani said: “When we say our situation is better than Europe regarding coronavirus, you can’t imagine what an atmosphere the satellite TV channels create!”

“Some people do not like this comparison when we say our situation is better than Europe,” Rouhani said, complaining about the criticism his policies and remarks have picked up even among the regime’s own ranks.

Everyone knows that the regime is lying. But why is it that Rouhani and regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei are so comfortable at lying? The answer lies in the nature of the Iranian regime and its ideology, politics and propaganda structure. From the first day of its founding, this regime has built its power on a structure of lies, reinforced by a security apparatus that suppresses truth and dissent.

Its history has proven that truth is a bane for the regime. And the coronavirus outbreak is no different.

If the regime backs down from its falsehoods and acknowledges the truth about the disastrous state of the outbreak in Iran, it will have a lot to answer for. For instance, why is it that in France, 987 people died from COVID-19 in one day, while in Iran the official numbers were only 130? The easiest way to answer that question is for Rouhani to repeat his lies: “We’re doing better than Europe.”

The regime is also unable to answer this contradiction that in Europe and almost the whole world a quarantine situation is imposed while in Iran the regime has canceled it. Again, Rouhani justifies his disastrous handling of the situation with more lies.

The contradictions in the regime’s lies

Rouhani’s remarks are questioned even among the regime’s own officials. Alireza Zali, head of the Tehran Coronavirus Control Task Force questioned the recent decision to send people back to work. “We won’t see the impact today… Our COVID-19 cases will be seen in the next two weeks… Our medical staff members are exhausted and suffering from various issues. Some have died. Some can no longer work. Despite all that, they will have to be prepared for a new jump in this illness. Furthermore, we have not reached the peak in Tehran,” he said on Saturday night in an interview with the regime’s state TV Channel 5.

One epidemiology and infectious disease expert in Iran wrote, “During the next few days the number of deaths will reach unbelievable new heights… Considering the information we have obtained I am telling you that the number of new COVID-19 cases across the country has not decreased. What is worth noting is that only six percent or a maximum of ten percent of our patients have been identified. Other cases have quarantined themselves in their homes and prefer to visit medical centers on lesser occasions. The country has yet to witness its peak in this illness.”

Fear of nationwide uprisings

Meanwhile, the regime’s fear of possible uprisings continues to mount. Morteza Mobalegh, the former political and security deputy of the interior minister, told the state-run Arman newspaper, “Social and security problems are a threat not only to the post-coronavirus times, but they might occur in the present conditions. If the government doesn’t manage this smartly and with prudence, we might face severe social problems.”

Former health minister Mostafa Moein warned, “The possibility of the repetition of social and political tension that we’ve seen in the past 2-3 years exists… Our country will be grappling with the psychological, social, economic, and political consequences of the coronavirus pandemic in the short and long term.”

The inhumane mullahs’ regime in Iran tries to use the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity to maintain its hold on its power as different segments of the society get poorer and suffer every day. The Iranian society is like a powder keg that can explode any minute and only needs a small spark. This is the reason why various regime officials warn Rouhani about the consequences of his lies. However, Rouhani is in a deadlock, and whether he chooses to tell the truth or continue to lie, the situation for his regime only gets worse.