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Farmers of Varzaneh, Isfahan, continue their protests over water shortages

Demonstration by farmers in Varzaneh, Isfahan
Demonstration by farmers in Varzaneh, Isfahan

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Dec. 31, 2018 - On Monday, the farmers of Varzaneh, Isfahan province, returned to the streets to resume their protests over water shortages and government corruption in managing water sources.

“We will fight, we will die and we will take back our rights,” the farmers were chanting. The farmers were also shouting, “Hail to farmers, death to tyrants,” a reference to government officials who have contributed to the water problems of the province.



Agriculture is one of the main occupations of the inhabitants of Isfahan. In recent years, the Iranian regime has engaged in a number of construction and production projects that have caused disruption in the water sources that the farmers of the province use to irrigate their fields. One of the main points of contention is the Zayandeh Rud River, which is one of the principal water sources for farmers. The government has created dams, water pipelines, and channels that divert the waters of Isfahan to other locations, causing considerable damage to farming activities.

In the past year, the farmers have held demonstrations on several accounts and for extended periods of time in protest to the government’s lack of response to their needs and problems. Hassan Rouhani, the current president of the Iranian regime, has promised to solve the problems of farmers in Isfahan and other provinces. But he has yet to fulfill his promises.

On Monday, the protesting farmers were chanting, “Rouhani you liar, what happened to our Zayandeh Rud.” The farmers also mocked government officials and their hollow promises and unresponsiveness, chanting, “If we don’t have officials, how about bringing some from Cyprus?”



On Sunday, the farmers, who have been fed up with the government’s incompetence, were chanting, “If you don’t restore our rights to water, we’re ready for martyrdom.”

The farmers were also calling on other Iranians to join them and support them in their cause. “Noble compatriots, support us,” the farmers were chanting.