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Albania expels two Iranian regime diplomat terrorists

The Albanian Europe and Foreign Affairs Ministry
The Albanian Europe and Foreign Affairs Ministry

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, January 16, 2020—The Albanian Europe and Foreign Affairs Ministry decided to designate two representatives of the Iranian regime’s embassy in Albania, Mohammad Ali Arz Peimanemati and Seyed Ahmad Hosseini Alast, as persona non grata. The two are accused of carrying out measures in violation of their status and the Vienna Convention principles in regard to diplomatic relations. The two Iranian regime representatives have been asked to leave Albania immediately.

In December 2018, Albania expelled two other Iranian diplomats for “violating their diplomatic status” by allegedly engaging in unspecified illegal activities that threatened the country’s security, the Associated Press reported.

The expelled diplomats were in direct contact with the now dead IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani, according to Albania’s Top Channel TV station.

Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi, head of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), described the Albanian Government’s expulsion of two Iranian regime’s diplomats as a courageous and commendable step in combatting terrorism and ensuring the security of the people of Albania and Iranian refugees.

She said other countries should follow Albania’s lead.



Mrs. Rajavi added that the Iranian regime’s representations are epicenters for espionage and terrorism. Most regime diplomats are either Intelligence Ministry agents or Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) officers or have received training on terrorism and espionage to serve that purpose. With the Iranian people calling for the mullahs’ overthrow in the streets, it is particularly important to adopt a decisive policy vis-à-vis the regime’s terrorism and shut down its embassies in other countries, she underscored.



Khamenei’s attempts to vilify Albania

It is worth noting that in his last public remarks Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei described Albania as an “evil and sinister” country for hosting members of the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) on their soil. Khamenei went on to directly hold the MEK responsible for plotting the November 2019 uprising that spread to over 190 cities across Iran and shook the very pillars of the mullahs’ regime like never before.

“A few days prior to the [November uprising], the issue about gasoline, in a European country, a small but very evil country in Europe, an American figure gathered with a number of Iranians, and they started plotting against the Islamic republic. Their plan was played out in what we witnessed a few days later in the gasoline [protests]. People were angry about the gasoline issue. A number of people came out in the name of protests, and when others joined their ranks, while their numbers were very low, these deceived people came out with a plot and carried out that very plan; to destroy and torch government centers, popular sites and start a war. This was a premeditated plot. And when I say a few days prior to these events, they were re-checking their plans because they had previously blue-printed their measures, preparing their people,” Khamenei said.

Albanian President Ilir Meta responded to Khamenei’s remarks in strong fashion. “The missiles fired by Iran towards two Iraqi military bases that housed the US military and coalition personnel are a provocative act with dangerous consequences for the region and its stability. Iran must respect international agreements, international laws and its obligations in the interest of peace.

“Albania is not an evil country but a democratic country that has suffered from an evil dictatorship unparalleled in its kind therefore considers human rights sacred.

“Since two decades Albania remains firm in its commitments alongside the US and NATO countries in the fight against international terrorism and any act that endangers world stability and peace,” Albanian President Ilir Mata emphasized.



Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama also lashed out at Khamenei’s remarks. “We have taken action that is the honor of Albania and in line with Albanian tradition. This has been an indisputable agreement with the U.S. to welcome and open our doors to a group of people whose lives are in danger. We have lived under dictatorships and know very well how dictators act how they control everything to destroy their dissidents across the globe,” Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama highlighted.

Former Albanian Prime Minister, and current Minister of Diaspora in Albanian government, Pandeli Majko said, “There is no threat for our country with the presence of three thousand members of the Iranian opposition in Albania.”

A new blow to Tehran’s terrorism apparatus

The expulsion of Tehran’s diplomats from Albania hints at new information about the regime’s terror plots against the Iranian resistance, especially as the regime’s official media were awash with complaints about the growing influence of the MEK, especially in recent protests across Iran. One state-run news website had stated that the slogans being chanted in Iran’s universities these days sound too much like Albania.

Under such circumstances, and as the regime continues to lose hold of the situation as it spirals into chaos and disorder, it is desperately in need of taking revenge from the Iranian opposition. But once again, its plot was foiled, and the brave actions of the Albanian government underline the need to expel the regime’s diplomats and shut down its embassies across the world, as the Iranian resistance has called for time and again.