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Labor protests escalate on eve of International Labor Day

Workers across Iran are protesting poor living and employment conditions
Workers across Iran are protesting poor living and employment conditions

Reporting by PMOI/MEK   

Iran, April 24, 2020—Workers in a variety of cities and towns across Iran are protesting poor living situations and intolerable working conditions, parallel to the coronavirus crisis that is engulfing the country. This is a mere segment of the millions of Iranians who are desperately attempting to make ends meet while sleeping hungry at night. 

Workers of the Kerman Coal Company in the town of Zarand held a rally protesting company officials’ refusal to implement an agreement regarding the employees’ wages. 

Another 3,000 workers of this company, working in the three towns of Ravar, Kuhbanan and Zarand, are also protesting corrupt measures by regime officials that will leave the workers with lesser pay and pensions, all under the pretext of “privatization.” 



On Tuesday, April 21, youths in the area of Ahvaz and Shushtar, southwest Iran, rallied outside a sugarcane company only to see officials dispatch security forces to disperse their rally. 

There are also increasing reports of workers protesting in the cities of Abadan, Masjed Soleiman, Zahedan, Karaj and Eslamshahr, all protesting paycheck delays and poor living conditions. 



On Thursday, April 23, workers of a mine in Kurdistan Province held a rally protesting the arrest of two local city council members. The two individuals were arrested after protesting the expulsion of local workers from the mine as mine owners continue their corrupt practice of hiring non-local workers at very low salaries. This mine provides around three tons of gold and one ton of silver each year. 



On Wednesday, April 22, a group of small store owners and street vendors rallied in Sanandaj protesting measures by the municipality and local police rounding up all their belongings without prior notice. It has been over a week that these poor people have been following up on this issue with various entities and relevant organizations. However, no regime entity is responding to their demands. 

In Tehran, reports indicate railway workers are calling for a strike after not receiving their paychecks and pensions. 

In Zahedan, workers of an industrial company are protesting officials’ refusal to provide their paychecks and/or pensions. Company officials are not providing any answers and telling the workers whoever doesn’t like it can leave or will be fired from their jobs. 

On Thursday, April 23, drivers of private bus companies held a rally protesting their poor conditions. “Those who support Lebanon, Iraq and Syria… why have you taken what is mine and are not paying me?” one worker asked in protest.