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Unpaid wages, gov. corruption and poor living conditions trigger protests in Iranian cities

Demonstration by municipal workers in Borujerd
Demonstration by municipal workers in Borujerd

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Jan. 23, 2019 - On Tuesday, protest activities resumed in various Iranian cities.

Rasht: Protests continue in front of the Caspian Credit Institution

In Rasht, customers of the Caspian credit institution gathered in front of the local branch of the company to protest against the plundering of their investments by the government approved institution. The protesters were chanting, “They’re using Islam as an excuse to ruin the lives of people,” a reference to the complicity of government authorities and institutions in stealing their wealth. Other slogans made direct reference to government corruption: “The thieves have become government authorities.”

The protesters also made it clear that they held no illusions about Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani’s promises to solve the problem. “Rouhani’s key is an empty promise,” the protesters were chanting, mocking Rouhani’s trademark key symbol, which he often displayed during his election campaign.


Demonstrations by customers of Caspian Credit Insitution in Rasht

Demonstrations by customers of Caspian Credit Institution in Rasht


The protesters were also warning other Iranians that they will not be protected from government corruption. “They’ve picked our pockets. Yours is next, compatriot,” the protesters were chanting.

Caspian is one of several IRGC-linked credit institutions that absorbed billions of dollars out of the pockets of ordinary Iranians with promises of huge returns on investment, only to renege on their promises and refusing to refund the investors’ money. Caspian, the largest of the bunch, also had approval by Iran’s Central Bank and is tied to the Revolutionary Guards. The crisis of the failed credit institutions, which began in 2017, has triggered continued protests in various Iranian cities by angry Iranians who have seen their life savings stolen by government-backed thieves.




Borujerd: municipal workers protest over unpaid wages

Municipal workers in Borujerd gathered in front of the central municipality headquarters and held demonstrations for the fourth consecutive day in protest to unpaid wages. The workers have not received their salaries for over nine months.

The protests of the municipality workers have caused the mayor’s office to go into a quasi-shutdown. In the past days, the workers of Borujerd marched in front of different government buildings, including the city council, and have demanded that authorities tend to the situation of the municipality.

Last month, the workers of Borujerd held seven consecutive days of protests in front of the mayor’s and governor’s offices and demanded the payment of their overdue salaries. Government authorities promised to respond to the demands of the workers but have yet to fulfill those promises.


 Protests by municipality workers in Borujerd

Protests by municipality workers in Borujerd


Khorasgan: farmers resume protests over rights to water

In Isfahan province, the farmers of Khorasgan held demonstrations over the government’s continued unresponsiveness to their demands for rights to water. Isfahan’s water crisis, which has been ongoing for several years, has been triggered by government corruption and mismanagement.

Due to excessive dam-building projects by the IRGC, the water flow of the province has been disrupted. The projects have caused severe damage to agriculture in the province. The farmers of Isfahan no longer have proper access to water sources to irrigate their fields.

Farmers in different parts of the province have continuously protested to the situation and demanded that the government solve the issue. But despite repeated promises by government authorities, the problems of Isfahan’s farmers have not been solved yet. The continued crisis has become the source of regular protests and confrontations between farmers and government authorities.


Protests by farmers of Khourasgan, Isfahan

Protests by farmers of Khorasgan, Isfahan


Marivan: Municipality workers protest to unpaid wages

In Marivan, municipality workers of the municipality gathered in front of the mayor’s office in protest to unpaid wages. The protesters laid out empty tablecloths to symbolize their poor living conditions. The workers, who are working in different sectors of the municipality and haven’t received their pay for several months.


Protests by municipality workers of Marivan

Protests by municipality workers of Marivan





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