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The Iranian regime is terrified of the momentum behind nationwide protests

Iran regime is fearful of the forces of change
Iran regime is fearful of the forces of change

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, August 20, 2018 - While the Iranian regime is engulfed in multitudes of economic, financial and social crises, and is trying to contain protests that erupt in every corner of the country, its officials are confessing to their fear of the true force that is giving nationwide protests momentum and fuel.

Mohammad Nabavi Habibi, the secretary general of the Motalefeh party, confessed to the economic corruption among regime officials and said, “The government’s economic team has failed.”

Mohammad Aboutorabi Fard, member of the Iranian regime’s parliament, warned against the aftermath of the economic failures, saying, “The country no longer has the capacity for more currency fluctuations.”

Ghasem Mirzaei Nikoo, another Iranian MP, warned, “Our country is in a very economic, social and political situation.” He also confessed to the inefficiency of the government, saying, “Since many years ago, we have failed on several fronts.” He also admitted that the regime doesn’t have a way out of it crises, saying, “We weren’t prepared to deal with the situation.”

On August 16, the state-run Tadbir newspaper published an article titled “What is the root of Iran’s economic problems?” in which it confessed to the depth of the crisis and dead end the Iranian regime is faced with. “It’s been 40 years that the most important problem is the economy and the people’s livelihoods. But to this day, not only have the problems not subsided, but they have also become exacerbated in recent months and they are affecting all of the people.”

Mohammad Reza Khanzeli, one of the regime’s so-called experts, refers to the inefficiencies of the government and said, “At present, all of these elements have come together to spark the latest wave of protests against high prices. Given the influence of the MEK, it shows what the enemy is planning on the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolution.”

While regime officials such as supreme leader Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani try to keep a straight face, their officials give away their fear of the PMOI/MEK, which they refer to as “over throwers” and “enemy.”

Mohammad Reza Kafami, who is one of the leaders of the Isfahan bassij, said, “The enemy has four possible plans: polarizing the society, creating a divide in the government, mental warfare against the government and creating an environment of despair in the people by highlighting the problems and describing the government as not being able to solve them.”

The Friday prayers also put the regime’s fear of the PMOI/MEK to display. In Jiroft, Kerman, the Friday prayer leader said, “The MEK seeks to create and divide and are causing damage to the system. The officials have to solve these problems with vigilance.”

The regime’s officials are confessing that the PMOI/MEK is the momentum behind the protests and is shaping the way protests are taking place across the country. They are desperately trying to reach out to the government and other officials to find a way out of the impasse, because they know that the people won’t listen to their words anymore. The people have already given their answer to this regime with the slogans of “Death to Khamenei” “Death to Rouhani” and “Mullahs, have shame and let go of the power.”