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Iran's meat crisis

Iran, March 16, 2019 - While meat plays an essential role in the human diet, this nutrient has gone missing from the tables of Iranian people due to its rising cost.

Iranian workers earn approximately $100 per month. Meanwhile, the price of a kilogram of red meat is $12 in Iran’s market, which means many working families can't afford to eat any meat any meat.

Faramarz Tofighi, a member of the Iranian regime’s Labor Council revealed that “90% of Iranian workers cannot buy meat.”


Why is the price of meat skyrocketing?

The government-run smuggling of livestock to neighboring countries is just one of the reasons for the meat crisis in Iran. Just in last year, 2 million livestock have been smuggled through Iran’s borders.

It is clear no one can smuggle such number of livestock without government support. The terrorist IRGC is involved in systematic smuggling through its control on border crossings and harbors.

Regardless of how much the smuggling can affect the market, let’s see how the regime could easily solve the meat crisis:

2 million smuggled livestock provide approximately 40,000 tons of meat. Importing this amount of meat from Central Asia will cost the Iranian people $3 per kilogram, and the import cost of this amount of meat will amount to $100 million.

The question is that, is $100 million too much for a country as wealthy as Iran?

Iran’s annual meat consumption is 1,100,000 tones. Iran is producing 850,000 tons of meat per year, which means it must import 250,000 tones. So the import of high-quality meat from Central Asia will cost Iran $650 million yearly, and if Iran had to import all its meat consumption, it would cost around $3 billion.

But the reality is that Iranian officials don’t want to solve the problems of the people of Iran–they are only after amassing wealth for themselves and use this wealth to reinforce the pillars of their dictatorship against the Iranian people.

While the total amount of meat required for Iran cost around $650 million, the question is whether the regime is willing to bear the costs to better the lives of the Iranian people . A brief look at systematic corruption in Iran, car exposes the truth.

State-run Jahan-e Eghtesad newspaper reported a $27-billion corruption scandal, “Iran non-oil export is estimated $36.4 billion during first months of 2018. But only $9.5 billion of the sales officially entered the national banking system…$27 billion is missing.”

The Iranian regime gives the Lebanese Hezbollah $700 million yearly and gives away billions of dollars to the Syrian regime.

Meanwhile, the people of Iran are deprived of essential food they need.