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The aftermath of the Iranian regime’s failed terrorist plot

Iranian terrorist plot against Iranian Resistance foiled
Iranian terrorist plot against Iranian Resistance foiled

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


July 14, 2018 - In the aftermath of the Iranian regime’s failed terrorist attack against the great Iranian opposition convention in Paris, European law enforcement in Germany, France and Belgium are in the process of trying the Iranian regime’s terrorists in court for their involvement in the foiled plot. Meanwhile, the Iranian regime’s officials and state-run media are lamenting at the arrest of their operatives, especially their main agent, Assadollah Assadi, a diplomat in the regime’s mission to Austria, and they’re blaming the PMOI/MEK for their misfortunes.

In an op-ed, Keyhan, the newspaper that is renowned for reflecting the views of the Iranian regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, complains that the dignity of the Iranian passport has been defiled, a reference to the cancelling of the diplomatic immunity of the regime’s terrorist agent, Assadi, which Keyhan fondly describes as a survivor of the eight-year-long war against Iraq, which cost the lives of more than a million Iranians and Iraqis. “This arrest has no basis,” the paper writes.

Vatan-e-Emrooz, another newspaper that has close ties to Khamenei’s entourage, describes the arrest of the regime’s terrorists in a piece titled “Decrypting Europe’s anti-Iranian scenario,” which it calls a conspiracy by Europeans against the Iranian regime. Vatan-e-Emrooz warns that if the regime’s foreign ministry does not react firmly to the arrest of its diplomat terrorists, “the scenario will repeat itself in more intense ways.”

Gholam Ali Jafarzadeh, member of the regime’s parliament, blames the MEK for plotting to destroy the relations between the Iranian regime and Europe, and advises the regime’s president Hassan Rouhani to “closely monitor the events and react firmly.”  Jafarzadeh also underlines the need to train the regime’s diplomat terrorist to avoid “stepping in the traps of the enemy.” This MP is in fact saying that the Iranian regime’s foreign ministry hasn’t done a good job in training its diplomats on the intricacies of foreign terrorist activities, which resulted in the arrest of Assadi.

The regime also tried to reuse one of its old tactics. The regime’s officials blamed the MEK for the terrorist attacks that the regime conducts against the Iranian opposition, arguing that no government would hand its own diplomat explosives to detonate in a foreign country. Needless to say that the regime’s diplomacy has a long history of carrying out terrorist attacks in Europe and other countries.

But the tactic effectively had the reverse effect of familiarizing the world with the hypocrisy of the Iranian regime and how much it’s afraid of the Iranian opposition NCRI and MEK.

The other consequence of the foiled terror plot is the intensification of inner fighting among the regime’s factions. Authorities with close ties to Khamenei are slamming Rouhani’s government for not having done enough to deliver its diplomat terrorist that is now in custody of German law enforcement and intelligence.

What has seeped into the media is only the tip of the iceberg of the tumult that has befallen the regime. Wait till we hear the confessions of the diplomat terrorist. And then the real scandal will begin.



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