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Opposition exposes Iranian regime's missile activities in Syria

Exposing Iran regime missile activities in Syria
Exposing Iran regime missile activities in Syria

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, June 10, 2019In a new report, Syrian opposition officers revealed several Iranian regime missile sites and factories in Syria.

The officers said that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has transferred its command base from Damascus to the mountainous areas north of the Syrian Capital.

This report is prepared by the National Liberation Front, under Fatih Hason’s command, and includes a group of 150 defected Syrian officers.

The report documents the existence of short-range ballistic missiles including “Fateh 110 Iran”, “advanced Russian Scud missiles" and “Zolfaghar missiles” with a 700-km range.


This report has fully documented the existence of the missiles as follows:

Short-range missiles:

  1.  “Shahab 1” and “Shahab 2,” local copies of the Scud BCV missiles that Tehran previously purchased from the Soviet Union.

The range of Shahab 1 reaches 300 km and Shahab 2 reaches 500 km.

During Iran-Iraq war in 1980s, the Iranian regime purchased these kinds of missiles from North Korea and the Soviet Union and has now created a new generation of them, and has delivered them to its allies in Syria, “Hezbollah” in Lebanon and Houthis in Yemen 

  1.  “Fateh 110” a local copy of Scud missiles, with 200-km range. The 155 battalion of the Syrian army in Northern Damascus is equipped with them.
  2. Tashrin, with 300-km range, is the enhanced version of Fateh 110 missiles.
  3.  “Maysalon” missile, the updated version of the Iranian made Zelzal 2 missile with 210-km range.
  4. Zolfaghar, the Iranian regime's precision-targeting missile generation with solid fuel with 700-km range.

In October 2018, these missiles were used to target ISIS positions in Syria, in retaliation to the attack against an IRGC parade ceremony in Ahwaz, south of Iran. Nevertheless, the existence of these missiles in Syrian weren’t exposed.

  1.  Nazeat, surface to surface missile with 150-km range.

2- Anti-tank missiles.

“Toofan 1” anti-tank missile, 3.6 kg and with 3,850-meters range and its new generation is laser guided.

These missiles were seen in the Iranian weapons’ depots at Tayfur airport. They were delivered to the Iranian allied forces in Deir ez-Zur area.   


 3- Torpedoes 

Noor torpedo with 150-km range.

In 2010, the Iranian regime gave warships to Syria to carry these torpedoes.

These torpedoes are used in the port of Beiza, Eastern Syria.

This report also exposed the location of these missiles in Syria including: Kasav, Jabol Jarrah, Mohrada, Ghatifa, Naseria, Port of Beiza, Safire village and Mesyaf.



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