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New U.S. sanctions parallel escalating Iran protests

US sanctions bit as demonstrations and anti-regime protests escalate in Iran
US sanctions bit as demonstrations and anti-regime protests escalate in Iran

Reported by PMOI/MEK


August 7, 2018As demonstrations and anti-regime protests escalate in Iran, adding insult to injury for the regime is the return of major U.S. sanctions signed into law by U.S. President Donald Trump.

The regime is engulfed with corruption and more sanctions restricting its economic capabilities have the potential of weakening the regime’s domestic crackdown machine and support the protesters in the streets of various cities.




Back in May the U.S. Treasury Department blacklisted and imposed sanctions on the notorious Evin Prison. Such moves weaken the regime and encourage the Iranian people in their ongoing struggle against the regime.


More measures should be taken to deprive the Iranian regime the funds it allocates proxies checkered in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Shiite groups influencing the political landscape of Iraq in the mullahs’ favor.

A next step forward bearing massive impact on the regime is re-imposing sanctions on the regime’s Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. Known as the IRIB, this entity is an umbrella organization controlling the mullahs’ important propaganda machine inside the country and abroad.

While the IRIB may be technically under sanctions since 2012, the U.S. State Department has been waiving those measures since 2013. This has to do, in part, with an agreement forged by the Obama administration with the Iranian regime under which Iran would halt its jamming of outside satellite networks in exchange for the bypassing of sanctions against its broadcasting network.

No organization outside of the Iranian regime can confirm Tehran is actually complying and holding its part of this highly flawed bargain.

The Trump administration could further demand the Iranian regime make necessary and “fundamental changes” regarding human rights and other basic rights enjoyed by many others across the globe.

One measure in this regard would be the release of all political prisoners, prisoners of conscience and protesters, especially those arrested since the Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 uprising to this day.

Some may argue the lives of Iranians under sanctions. What needs consideration is the fact that for 40 years the mullahs have made life a living hell for the Iranian people.

Since December 2017 we have seen the ever-growing lower class – previously claimed to be the regime’s social base – rise against the ruling mullahs with chants of “Death to the dictator” and “Death to Khamenei,” in reference to the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.


The Trump administration can further the pressure on the Iranian regime by condemning the continued arrest and crackdown of demonstrators, imposing travel bans and freezing assets of senior Iranian regime officials, especially those involved in recent and previous quelling.

The regime’s Telecommunication Company of Iran, playing a major role in oppressing dissent, should also be a target of sanctions. The TCI is effectively controlled by Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). Back in 2012, the TCI purchased from China powerful technology used to monitor activists’ communications. Blacklisting the TCI would inflict pressure on European technology companies, and others, to sever ties with the Iranian regime altogether.

The Iranian people are braving all odds to continue protesting the regime. The Western world must bring an end to its failed appeasement policy that has allowed the mullahs regime crackdown 80 million Iranians at home and terrorist millions more abroad.





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