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Iran’s regime concerned over opposition MEK’s social media activities

The Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK is gaining more influence inside Iran through social media
The Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK is gaining more influence inside Iran through social media

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, April 29, 2020—The regime ruling Iran is deeply concerned over the activities of the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) on social media, according to an article published in the Al Hurra website on April 28. “During the past month Iranian regime officials have on different occasions expressed grave concerns about the campaign launched by the PMOI/MEK through social media networks,” the article reads. “The PMOI/MEK has been an Iranian dissident entity since the Shah’s rule in Iran and seeks to topple the current ruling regime in this country.”

Al Hurra adds, “According to the Iran News Update website, Iranian regime officials are feeling threatened regarding the popular support of speeches and statements posted by the MEK on social media and the number of likes and shares, and the number of Iranians following their accounts. Senior regime officials close to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei are publicly expressing their concerns about what the MEK is publishing on social media, describing these efforts as a verbal war against Iran.”

Abbasali Mogheisi, Khamenei’s representative in the city of Nahavand in western Iran, expressed his concerns over an MEK statement on the internet without specifically mentioning the text. “A weapon that may destroy Iran is the internet. This weapon is at the disposal of dissidents opposing our policies (referring to the MEK).”

Yousef Tabatabainejad, a cleric close to Rouhani and his representative in Isfahan Province, also joined the chorus of senior officials voicing concerns over the MEK’s activities. He specifically warned about the MEK’s capability in providing information to the Iranian people through social media networks that influence the public’s abidance of the ruling regime.

People are destroying the clerics’ image on the internet and through social media, and this is taking place as a result of posts provided by various channels and websites affiliated to the MEK, the report adds. “They intend to start a war and place the people against the clerics. We must do something against these measures,” Tabatabainejad continued.

The Tehran Press news agency, managed by the Iranian regime, published a report saying the MEK is extensively using Telegram to establish contact with thousands of Iranians, training them on various methods of holding demonstrations and protest rallies against the regime.

This government outlet says the MEK literally controls Telegram, warning about the methods they use to influence the Iranian people, referring to an MEK statement calling for the overthrow of the current ruling regime.

The PMOI/MEK is the most active Iranian opposition movement established by a group of intellectuals and academicians inside Iran with the objective of overthrowing the Shah’s regime.

Following the Shah’s toppling and playing a major role in the 1979 revolution, divides extended between this organization and the new ruling regime in Iran. In the following two and a half years after the revolution, tensions developed and eventually an intense war erupted that has continued in various types of face-offs to this day.

The Iranian regime has called on many countries to extradite MEK members. However, this request has always been rejected. In the latest of such cases, regime President Hassan Rouhani asked France to extradite MEK members while describing them as “terrorists.” France, however, turned down this request.