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Iranians gather in New York to protest against Rouhani’s presence in UNGA

Reported by PMOI/MEK


New York, Sept. 25, 2018 - Despite unfavorable weather conditions, a large crowd of Iranians gathered in the vicinity of the UN headquarters on Tuesday to protest against the presence of Hassan Rouhani, the president of the Iranian regime, at the UN.




New York, Supporters of the Iran opposition PMOI/MEK rallying

New York, Supporters of the Iran opposition PMOI/MEK rallying


The crowd was chanting slogans in demand of the ouster of the Iranian regime from the UN and in support of ongoing protests in Iran. The protesters also echoed the demands of the people of Iran, who have been calling for regime change in their country since protests erupted across Iran in late December.




The demonstration is taking place as world leaders gather in New York for a yearly summit in the United Nations General Assembly.

“Rouhani does not belong among the heads of state. He does not belong in the United Nations,” said former U.S. Senator Robert Torricelli. “He is a thug, a tyrant, and murderer. He does not belong to that chamber and should not be greeted as a man of dignity.”




Torricelli reiterated Rouhani’s track record, which includes 3,400 executions in his six years as president. Torricelli also reminded that Rouhani’s government, and a diplomat from his embassy in Vienna, was responsible for a foiled terrorist plot against the Iranian opposition rally in France.




“There were times where all of us believed that the regime might moderate, might change,” Torricelli said. “We don’t believe that anymore. They’ve had decades to change. They failed. Our message now to world leaders is: Time is up. It is time for the regime to fall and a new government to take place in Tehran.”

“Time will not save you,” Torricelli said, addressing the Iranian regime. “There is no escape. The people of Iran have spoken with their courage and their feet. They are marching and they are protesting for a new Iran.” And to world leaders, he added, “Stop trading with Iran. Stop investing in Iran. Your dollars, your euros, your yens, and your pounds are only being used to oppress free and decent people.”




“Is it fair that the United Nations opens its doors to a terrorist like Rouhani?” said Moslem Eskandar Filabi, renowned wrestler and the Chairman of the Sports Committee at the National Council of Resistance of Iran. “This government has no honor and dignity in the Middle East because of its crimes. They have plundered the wealth and resources of the country and are filling their own pockets.”



The event also featured speeches from representatives of the Syrian opposition, who expressed their support for the struggles of the Iranian people and the Iranian resistance.

The New York demonstrators displayed the crimes of the Iranian regime, putting on display long billboards containing pictures of PMOI/MEK members executed and murdered by the regime of Tehran. They also showed symbolic displays of the prisons of Iran, where thousands of protesters and political dissidents linger under harsh conditions.

“We gather today to voice support for the Iranian people’s uprisings and for Mme. Rajavi’s roadmap to freedom and democracy in Iran,” said Pastor Linda Prendergast, who spoke at the event. “We today are calling on the UN Security Council to adopt binding, punitive measures to hold Iran’s gross human rights violations and terrorism. No amount of deals, no amount of negotiations can save this regime. Its time is up. We need more than condemnation, we need action.”