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Iranian resistance units set fire to billboards of Khamenei, commemorate Cyrus the Great Day

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Nov. 3, 2018 - As the regime tries to contain the growing wave of protests across the country and maintain its hold on power, Iranian resistance units continue to defy the regime and keep alit the flame of the uprisings that began in December.




In Rasht, the members of a resistance unit set fire on a large billboard that held a picture of Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Iranian regime. The billboard was located on the sides of the road between Rasht and Jirdeh. The members of the resistance units held banners that read “Down with Khamenei, viva Rajavi.”



The supreme leader is considered an unapproachable red line for the Iranian regime. The least questioning the stature and authority of the supreme leader is usually accompanied with heavy punishments. But at a great risk to themselves, the members of the resistance units continue to spread slogans against Khamenei. During the protests that erupted in more than 140 cities in Iran, protesters shouted slogans against Khamenei, conveying a clear message that they will settle for nothing short of regime change.
















Commemorating the Cyrus the Great Day

In, Karaj, the members of a resistance unit sent a video message in which they declared: “While commemorating the anniversary of Cyrus the Great who said, ‘If anyone oppresses someone else, I will deal justice to the tyrant,’ we the resistance units of Iran declare our support for Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and her 10-point plan, and we will get back the rights of our people from the mullahs who are the tyrants of our time. They will meet justice for all the wrongs they’ve done.”



Cyrus the Great was the ancient king of Persia, renowned for his charter of rights, which has been recognized as the first document of human rights. Every year, people from across Iran commemorate Cyrus the Great on October 29, and thousands flock to his tomb in Pasargade, Fars province. In recent years, the Iranian regime has banned any sort of congregation and gathering at the tomb of Cyrus, fearing that it could culminate into protests.




In Najaf Abad, Isfahan, members of a resistance had installed banners on their car that read, “Death to tyranny, death to religious fascism. No to mullahs and no to the Cossacks (Shah’s forces). Long live the memory of Mosaddegh.” Mohammad Mosaddegh was the former Prime Minister of Iran, who nationalized the country’s oil industry and was deposed in a 1953 coup instigated by foreign countries and the Shah regime.

In a video message, the members of the resistance unit declared, “We are near Najaf Abad, Isfahan, and are headed to commemorate Cyrus the Great. Cyrus is not a slogan, it is an uprising, it means rebellion against tyranny and oppression, it means rebellion against the Shah and mullahs. Mosaddegh continued down the path of Cyrus. Long live his memory for standing up to the Shah regime. No to mullahs, no to the Cossacks, long live Mosaddegh.” 



In Dorud, Lorestan, members of a resistance unit sent a message in which they said, “We’re headed for Pasargade to commemorate Cyrus the Great. We will be there tomorrow. Death to tyranny and religious dictatorship.”



In Shiraz, another resistance unit sent a message, saying, “We at the Kerman terminal and we’re headed for Pasargade. On the way, security and bassij forces are stopping and inspecting busses. That’s why we’ve been delayed. We will be there tomorrow.”



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