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Iranian regime’s status quo & fear of PMOI/MEK

Iranian regime is fearful of the organized PMOI-MEK
Iranian regime is fearful of the organized PMOI-MEK

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, August 14, 2018 - In recent weeks and months with protests escalating across Iran, the issue of this regime’s opposition and alternative has understandably transformed into a highly sensitive political subject. Despite all the claims and disputes, we are witnessing Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and a long list of Iranian regime officials signaling the very source of their main concerns. In their remarks one can conclude that from the Iranian regime’s perspective, the subject of its alternative is crystal clear.

During the past few weeks numerous warnings are issued by Iranian regime elements regarding the role of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). It has apparently become certain for Iranian regime officials that the PMOI/MEK are behind developments in regards to the ongoing protests.

Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani, the Foreign Ministry spokesman, various members of the regime’s parliament, numerous seminars, roundtables broadcast on state TV, state websites and etc. are continuously expressing concerns regarding the PMOI/MEK’s increasing role and being the very alternative against their regime.

The regime’s Ministry of Intelligence has gone as far as producing a report on the role of the PMOI/MEK resistance units inside Iran.



The Iranian regime is mainly concerned of the PMOI/MEK’s deep roots in Iran’s society and history. The mullahs’ regime also understands how extremely organized the PMOI/MEK is.

From the Iranian regime’s viewpoint, these two qualities are seen in no other entity claiming to be an alternative to this regime. Therefore, the mullahs’ are certain they pose no threat to their rule.

When it comes to the PMOI/MEK, however, despite their years of claiming this organization has been obliterated and destroyed, the mullahs’ understand very well the PMOI/MEK currently pose a major threat to their rule, especially after their successful 2016 transfer from Iraq to Albania and a list of other countries in Europe. Prior to that year Iran’s proxies in Iraq were able to sustain continuous attacks and threats against the PMOI/MEK to contain their threat.

As we speak the PMOI/MEK are connected to their people inside Iran like never before and play a leading role in the current protests across the country.

An interesting development is recent remarks heard from the Iranian regime’s judiciary spokesman.

“These days we are hearing people chant against the judiciary, the government and officials. Be careful! God forbids a PMOI/MEK member should not infiltrate into the crowd and begin directing the crowd!” he said Monday. “We must be on alert to prevent the PMOI/MEK from taking advantage of us.”

“The people are angry… they might throw an insult at the state… However, we must draw our lines in the sand. The most important issue is that a PMOI/MEK is not involved… if they are not involved, we must tolerate people insulting us,” he concluded.


Iran’s protests evolving

It is undeniable how the Iranian people have reached a complete impasse with the mullahs’ regime. Protesters are radicalizing their slogans in the streets, which is completely expected as calls for regime change are heard on a daily basis as demonstrators are chanting, “Death to the dictator.”

The Iranian people are overcoming obstacles one by one against the mullahs’ regime and specifically transforming their protests into an organized fashion.

Is there any organization other than the PMOI/MEK with the capability to actually organize Iran’s protests and spearhead these efforts specifically against the mullahs’ regime?

With the answer unfortunately being no, the Iranian regime’s concerns about the PMOI/MEK are completely understandable.

As Iran’s protests evolve in the weeks and months ahead, the seriousness of the PMOI/MEK’s role in linking with nationwide uprising will become even more evident.



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