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The Iranian regime's blackmail policy

Iranine regime President Hassan Rouhani
Iranine regime President Hassan Rouhani

Analysis by OPMOI/MEK


Iran, July 25, 2019 - In a government session, Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani emphasized his regime’s blackmail policy toward UK and demanded the UK to release regime’s Grace 1 supertanker, which was seized in Gibraltar for violating EU sanctions on Syria. In return, Rouhani said, the Iranian regime will release the UK’s vessel.

“If the Europeans act within the framework of the international law and step back from their wrong actions such as seizing our supertanker in Gibraltar, they will receive the proper response from Iran,” he added. 

Rouhani also claimed the that the British ship was seized for “Not paying attention to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’ (IRGC) warnings and entering the Strait of Hormuz with no reason.”

Rouhani impudently asked the “World” to appreciate! IRGC for ensuring the Persian Gulf’s security.


“I kiss the hands of those who manufactured missiles at the Ministry of Defense and the IRGC for downing the U.S. drone,” Rouhani had said in June 26, 2019, backing the IRGC action of downing an unmanned U.S. drone.



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