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Iranian regime breaks the legs of political prisoner Arzhang Davoodi in Zahedan prison

Iranian political prisoner Arzhang Davoodi
Iranian political prisoner Arzhang Davoodi

Reported by PMOI / MEK


Iran, Dec. 10, 2018 - According to reports from Zahedan Central Prison in Iran’s Baluchistan province, the prison guards of the Iranian regime has broken the legs of political prisoner Arzhang Davoodi. The reports pertain that the prison guards have thrown him off a staircase and broken his legs while torturing him.

The Iranian regime transferred Davoodi to Zahedan prison in January. Since then, the torturers of the Iranian regime have kept him in the prison’s quarantine and kept him under constant, severe torture. Davoodi went on hunger strike. He was subsequently summoned to the office of the prison’s chief while his hands and feet were enchained. When he left the room the deputy chief of the president shoved him and threw him off the stairs of the second floor.

Having chains on his feet and hands, the 65-year-old prisoner wasn’t able to maintain his balance and fell hard. As a result, he broke his right thigh bone, his left tibia. He also dislocated a shoulder and suffered from bruises to his spinal cord.

Medical diagnoses have shown that he will not be able to walk for the rest of his life. Presently he can barely walk with a walker. Davoodi is bearing all this pain while he is being held in a dark and dirty room in the prison’s quarantine section. The room he is incarcerated in has never seen the light of day since it was created and has never even been disinfected.

Davoodi, who suffers from heart conditions has also caught skin diseases due to the conditions of this cell.

Davoodi is a teacher and an outspoken critic of the Iranian regime. He has spent several years in the Iranian regime’s prisons because of his activism against the regime’s crimes and corruption.

Davoodi had previously described the brutal conditions of his incarceration in an open letter and had called on international human rights authorities to inspect Iran’s prisons.



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