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Iran: Truckers’ strike spreads to 112 cities in 30 provinces

Fifth day of truckers’ nationwide strike
Fifth day of truckers’ nationwide strike

Reported by PMOI/MEK


July 28, 2018 -Truck drivers across Iran continued their nationwide strike for a fifth consecutive day, spreading to the cities of Arak, Chaboksar, Poldokhtar, Yasuj, Kavar, Kashmar, Neyshabur, Saveh, Eslamshahr, Farrokhshahr, Tehran, Ardabil and Marand.

At 11 am local time on Friday, gas stations in the Saveh road near Eslamshahr were all closed.

Truck drivers were also seen on strike in Khorramabad, western Iran. 112 cities of 30 provinces are now scenes of this nationwide strike movement.

Iranian opposition NCRI President Maryam Rajavi hailed the truck driver’s massive strike and called on all Iranians, especially the youth, to express solidarity with the truckers. Mrs. Rajavi also called on relevant international organization, labor and drivers’ unions in various countries to rise in support of Iran’s truck drivers.

In Mashhad, truck drivers neglected any deceptive promises provided by regime officials and authorities. Officials were seen selling low-cost tires at the city loading terminal center and resorting to a variety of propaganda measures aimed at discouraging drivers into ending their strike.

Truckers across Iran are continuing their widespread strike on Thursday for the fourth consecutive day. This includes drivers in the city of Mashhad, Ahvaz, Karaj, Farrokhshahr, Miandoab and Shahr-e Kord, among others.

The new round of the truck drivers’ strike is witnessing at least 85 cities in 25 provinces joining this cross-country movement.

Authorities in Kermanshah were pressuring truck drivers to end their strike, only to face stiff resistance from them. Intelligence agents and police officers in this city began taking stripping license plates off parked trucks in order to force the drivers to end their strike. The family members of the truck drivers began protesting these illegal measures.

In Mashhad, the loading terminal station was completely empty and no truck at the scene to deliver any goods.

Videos from various cities are being posted on the internet:


Truck drivers across Tehran continued their strike for a fifth day.



Truck drivers across Tehran continued their strike for a fifth day.


Truck drivers across Isfahan continued their strike for a fifth day.