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Iran is at the cusp of a great change

Major rally in Brussels in support of Iranian people’s uprising
Major rally in Brussels in support of Iranian people’s uprising

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


June 20, 2019 - Everything hints at the coming of a fundamental socio-political development in Iran. After 40 years of iron-fisted, tyrannical rule, the Iranian regime is now engulfed in a multitude of political, social and economic crises. Infighting among different regime factions and officials has reached unprecedented levels. Meanwhile, the people protests against deteriorating economic conditions, growing inflation and the declining price of the rial continued to escalate, and the regime's security apparatus is becoming less and less efficient in quelling unrests.

Domestic and foreign analysts—even those who have a vested interest in the survival of the regime—all acknowledge that Iran's bankrupt economy is the direct result of corruption and mismanagement at the highest levels of power within the regime, a reality that reflects itself in the slogans that Iranian protesters chant in their demonstrations and strikes every day.

Having found himself in a deadlock, Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani, who is well aware of his regime's undeniable role in creating and exacerbating the country's economic woes, has tried to deal with the situation through "hope-therapy," by trying to paint a rosy picture of the conditions in Iran.

But even Rouhani knows that his hollow promises will have no effect on a population that is growing increasingly infuriated with his regime's inefficiency and corruption. On June 13, Rouhani admitted, "The pressure imposed by the U.S. is unprecedented, and isn't even comparable to the conditions set on states by the U.N. under Chapter 7."

But as far as the people of Iran are concerned, the real culprit of the miserable situation of the Iranian society are the ruling mullahs themselves. The growing number of protests by workers, truck drivers, teachers, public sector employees, and many other segments of the Iranian society all show the growing anger toward the mullahs and their oppressive force, the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

The U.S State Department recently designated the IRGC as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” (FTO).



Also important in the past year has been the activities of resistance units, groups of MEK activists who have been challenging the regime's oppressive forces and symbols of power in every city and town in Iran. The resistance units have courageously kept the flame of resistance and protests alive by writing anti-regime slogans on walls and setting fire to the posters and banners of regime leaders in different cities.

On the international front, the mullahs have lost one of their main props, the appeasement policy of western nations toward their tyrannical rule. This failed policy has been one of the principal reasons this regime has been able to maintain its power in the past four decades. But now, with rapprochement no longer being the main way to deal with the mullahs, the regime is finding it harder to suppress the Iranian resistance and to carry on with its crimes inside Iran and across the globe.

The Iranian resistance has also been fast busy exposing the regime's illicit activities, its human rights violations and its terrorist meddling in the Middle East region.

All of these different developments have gone hand in hand to push the mullahs' regime toward the verge of collapse and create the grounds for regime change in Iran. This is an unprecedented and unique opportunity for the people of Iran and their resistance, who have paid the ultimate price for the establishment of freedom and democracy in their country. In the past 40 years, more than 120,000 members and supporters of this resistance movement have laid down their lives in the struggle against the mullahs.

But the regime and its lobbies abroad have not been sitting on their hands and are trying to convey the false message that there is no alternative to the mullahs. The regime is fast engaged in a campaign to justify its rule by demonizing its opposition through the dissemination of falsehoods and propaganda. This will in turn give the regime free hand to crack down on protests and suppress the Iranian people.

It is now up to every Iranian and anyone who cherishes the universal values of freedom to step up and support the ongoing uprisings of the Iranian people and their struggle to topple the regime of the mullahs. Not only is this the sole solution to the woes of the Iranian people, but it is also the only way to restore peace and security across the Middle East and to rid the world of terrorism and fundamentalism.

In this regard, the Iranian resistance will be holding several rallies and marches in different cities across the world. This is an opportunity to echo the voices of Iranian protesters and to support the democratic alternative to the rule of the mullahs.

The first of these rallies, held on June 16 in Brussels, Belgium, was a glorious display of support for the dreams of the Iranian people to live in a free country. The next event, scheduled for Saturday, June 21, will be held in Washington, D.C., in front of the State Department. The Iranian people have a message for the international community: The mullahs do not represent them and their regime has no future. They will make sure this message will be heard on Saturday.





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