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Iran: Teachers rallying in Tehran, other protests also reported

Various cities in Iran reporting numerous protest rallies
Various cities in Iran reporting numerous protest rallies

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, April 25, 2019 - Protests in Iran continues as the mullahs’ regime is desperately struggling with growing international isolation and crises, especially following the recent designation of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) and an end to oil sanctions waivers.

A group of retired teachers rallied in Tehran on Wednesday, protesting regime officials’ negligence and indifference in regards to their demands. This gathering was held outside the regime’s Ministry of Education. The protesting retirees were held chanting:

“We have the right to receive our pensions, once and for all, without any excuses.”

One of the banners held by the protesting teachers read:

“We should be immediately paid for our 30 years of hard work. We will no longer accept any delays.”

The protesters were also holding signs reading:

“Pensions are our rights. We will continue protesting until we receive our pensions.”



In the city of Baneh in Kurdistan Province, western Iran, a group of construction workers rallied on Wednesday, protesting unjust insurance fees and demanding an end to their unemployment. The protesters were holding signs reading:

“We are demanding a decrease in the construction workers’ insurance fees – Social justice.”

One of the workers’ children was also seen participating in the rally and holding a sign reading, “My father is unemployed.”



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With the economy of the regime ruling Iran is already in shambles and new economic, political and internal crises are encircling the regime, the outlook for the mullahs in the coming weeks and months is getting more dire than ever before.

The clerical regime’s own plundering policies are tightening the noose around its neck. The Caspian financial institute, associated with the terrorist-designated Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), is under fire from its investors almost every week.



On Tuesday, another group of Caspian investors gathered in front of the regime’s judiciary to demand their looted money.

People call the Caspian financial center a thief’s nest and demand it be closed down.

The protesters were heard chanting, “Shame on Caspian officials. Caspian must be shut down.”

The protesters also chanted, “We wouldn’t bow to tyranny, we stand for freedom and justice.”






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