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Iran sends death row inmates to Syria as cannon fodders

Authorities in Iran are sending death row inmates to Syria to fight as cannon fodders for the Assad regime [File Photo]
Authorities in Iran are sending death row inmates to Syria to fight as cannon fodders for the Assad regime [File Photo]

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, July 28, 2020—Reports indicate that on Monday, July 27, several officials of the Karaj Central Prison, located west of the Iranian capital Tehran, along with a delegation seen in high quality clothing, visited the wards of this prison in search of inmates to send to Syria to fight as cannon fodders alongside the Assad regime’s forces.

This delegation asked inmates in jail for murder or kidnapping, those sentenced to death and heavy prison terms to sign up to be sent to Syria and fighting with the Iranian regime’s forces striving to maintain Bashar Assad in power in Damascus. These individuals were promised to be released from prison if they agree to fight in Syria.

There have been similar reports in the past. An inmate released from a prison in a different province of Iran, who was in jail for an ordinary crime and sentenced to a long prison term, described what he had witnessed. “I was suggested to go and fight in Syria. We were promised to go to countries under Iran’s sphere of influence, such as Syria, and in return we would be released from prison. Of course, if we were to survive. Some inmates who were sentenced to death or had long prison terms agreed knowing they had no other choice. If anyone refuses to be dispatched to Syria, they will be executed or face death in prison. If they do agree, maybe they have a chance to be relieved of execution,” this prisoner said.

“If a prisoner returns from a country where he has been sent to, he will be dispatched to another war in another country, such as Lebanon or… Then he is returned to Iran and given a home in a faraway city from his home town. He also has no right to contact his family. As a result, this individual is hired by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and he will be sent to war whenever needed,” this inmate continued.

This source said the following regarding other specific cases he had personally witnessed: “I saw two cases with my own eyes. One individual went by the name of Rauf. His family and other inmates were told he was executed. He was sentenced to death on charges of preparing and possessing narcotics. He was sent directly from the [IRGC] intelligence to Syria. He told me he is going to Syria, but they will lie to you and say I was executed.”