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Iran: Rouhani & “Hope Therapy”

Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani and "Hope therapy"!!
Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani and "Hope therapy"!!

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Oct. 17, 2018 - Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani went to Tehran University on October 14th while many of his inner circles had suggested he shouldn’t. One university professor wrote in the Arman daily, “Mr. Rouhani, just smiling won’t provide the answer.” Rouhani went anyway.

Regarding the session Rouhani attended, an official of the Tehran University wrote in Iran daily, “The hall was packed with selected individuals who had received invitations and the only objective was to preserve the president’s prestige. We saw that our links with the university are intact. But we also have to see the other side of the coin. The side that tells us that the hall audience doesn’t represent the entire society and the president comes and talks about the university… But this is no cure for him.”

Considering these remarks, the question is what did Rouhani say in this session and what image did he provide of the mullahs’ regime?

In his speech, Rouhani claimed he had brought hope for the entire society.

“College students were also full of hope because from 2013 forward they knew that they would be free on Students Day (December 7th in Iran),” he claimed.

Rouhani described the Iranian regime as an ill patient that needs “hope therapy” to remain alive.

He claimed he has information about the people’s living conditions.

“As the president, I look at the list of basic goods every day and I know about the people’s living conditions,” Rouhani added.

He was, however, empty-handed when talking about hope therapy, saying people’s lives may even worsen in the short-term.

There is no way to provide the $14 to $15 billion needed to provide people’s basic necessities.

“How this currency comes and how this turns into goods, how this is distributed and reaches the consumer. All of us must help out. The government can’t solve all the problems and everyone must put their hands together,” he added.

To divert attention from the main crisis facing the mullahs’ regime, being increasing protests and the Iranian people seeking regime change, Rouhani claimed the U.S.’ goal is regime change and Washington has launched entered an economic war with Iran to delegitimize the regime.

All the while, outside of the conference hall, students were seen protesting against the Iranian regime.



The root of Iran’s crises is found inside the country and the all-out war between the Iranian people and the entire mullahs’ apparatus.

The mullahs’ regime is on the brink of collapsing. This can be seen in the people’s popular protests and “Resistance Units” linked to the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

In such circumstances, there are only two options before the mullahs’ regime:

- Continue its policy of domestic crackdown, resulting in people’s wrath escalating and the expansion of protests that will ultimately lead to the regime’s overthrow.

- Another solution is to give in to the people’s demands. This will open rifts in the regime and result in the mullahs’ all-out crumbling, also eventually leading to the regime’s overthrow.




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