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Iran: Retirees holding protest rally in Tehran

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, June 10, 2019 - Retirees rallied in Tehran on Monday protesting not receiving any answers to their demands. Their gathering was held outside the Iranian regime’s Retirement Fund office located in the capital’s Fatemi Avenue.

The protesters were holding a banner reading:

“The country’s retiree community, as the main and true owners of the country’s Retirement Fund, will not allow the sale and/or transfer of the Fund’s investments and assets to any other party.”





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Retirees in Iran have a long history of holding protests to voice their demands.


 On December 18, retirees held a demonstration in front of the Iranian regime parliament in the capital Tehran. Protesters had gathered from different cities of Iran. They protested against poverty and their bad economic situation.




In their protest in front of the parliament, the retired government employees, nurses and healthcare sector workers also chanted slogans in support of detained workers of Iran National Steel Industrial Group (INSIG). They also demanded the release of detained workers and teachers who were arrested during their peaceful strike during the last months. They chanted:

“The government is committing treason and the parliament is supporting it;

INSIG workers must be freed;

Detained teachers must be freed.”

While pointing out to the parliament, the protesters chanted, “Our enemies are here, not the U.S. as the government claims.”



Moreover, retirees in the city of Mashhad the capital of Khorasan Razavi province northeast Iran gathered in front of the building of Plan & Budget Organization in Mashhad in protest to their economic situation and their low wages. They held signs showing, “Our wages are based on rial but expenses are based on the dollar.”





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